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Sheriff’s Blotter

| May 12, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day shift responded the following calls:

• Deputies responded to S. Lena Louie Ln regarding a residential burglary. During the investigation he learn the victim was a tribal member but not filed through CDA tribal. CDA tribe arrived on scene an offered to take the report but since the Deputy was already done with the investigation at that time he completed the report and close transferred it to Tribal PD. 20-16655

• Patrol Deputies and Back County Deputies responded to the area of Canfield Mountain trail system regarding 3 Juveniles who got turned around on the trails and got lost. As Deputies started searching the area, we were advised the Juveniles had located the correct trail and were no longer lost and canceled us. The Juveniles were able to make it back to their vehicle safely.

Several Animal control calls were also handled during the shift.

Evening Shift responded to the following calls:

• Several deputies responded to Walmart reference a theft in progress. Loss Prevention identified two subjects who stole items from the store earlier in the day and were in the process of trying to return those items. The female was located and detained in the store and the male was located and detained at his vehicle in the parking lot. A K-9 located meth, a meth pipe in the vehicle. A further search found additional stolen items in the vehicle. The investigation resulted in male being arrested and charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, possession of stolen property, petit theft and removal of a theft protection device. The female was arrested and charged with possession of meth and paraphernalia, burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, petit theft and possession of stolen property. 20-16746

• Deputies and ISP Troopers responded to Highway 97 X I-90 for a reported suicide attempt. The reporting party called in and advised a female had cut her wrist and would not return to the vehicle. Units arrived on scene and over time, she allowed medical to look at her arm and bandage it up. Deputies continued the investigation and provided the female with some assistance she needed. 20-16753

• Deputies responded to an injury motorcycle crash in the Dudley Peak area that turned out to be on private timber land. The rider was airlifted by Life Flight to Kootenai Health with multiple broken bones but in stable condition. Deputies completed an incident report. 20-16757

• Deputies investigated a DVA violation by female against her husband. This is the sixth report of a violation by female this year, the most recent previous incident was two weeks ago where she was cited for the violation of the TPO after calling the male repeatedly in violation of the order. Despite multiple prior offenses, none of them appear to have been convictions yet, so a complaint request was completed for another misdemeanor TPO violation. 20-16777

• Deputies were requested to ATL a male by his probation officer because he had been released from KH and needed to be placed on a PC Hold. There were at first unable to locate him, but a few hours later his mother called in to report him walking down 15th near Nettleton Gulch. Deputies located him and he was detained until his PO arrived and placed him on a PC Hold. 20-16792

• Deputies stopped and arrested a male driver for DUI (.154/.148), Open Container and Possession of a Concealed Weapon while Intoxicated. 20-16804

Night Shift responded to the following calls:

• Deputies responded to a domestic dispute at Alexanna Ln. A female reported her husband to be intoxicated and upset about the current state of their marriage. The female stated the male had a shotgun in his possession and was verbally arguing with her. Upon contacting female it was determined there was no crime related to the domestic and the firearm had no involvement in the incident. The male had broken some fine china plates belonging to female during the incident but she did not wish to pursue charges for malicious injury to property and a report was taken. 20-16811

• Deputies conducted a citizen contact near the Blue Creek dumpsters. He made contact with a male and several other individuals and learned the male had an outstanding felony warrant out of Shoshone County, however, they chose not to extradite once contacted for confirmation. Deputies contacted the male’s probation officer who requested compliance search of the vehicle. Deputies located methamphetamine and a possibly stolen license plate out of Shoshone County in the vehicle. The male was arrested on drug charges. 20-16817

• Deputies contacted a suspicious vehicle in Corbin Park after hours. A citation was issued to female for possession of marijuana and a citation was issued to a male for possession of paraphernalia. 20-16801

• A Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle near Seltice Way and Idaho Rd. The driver provided a false name, date of birth, and social security number, but was eventually identified. Surprisingly the female had three outstanding warrants for her arrest out of Washington to include vehicle theft, and possession of stolen property. The male was arrested for the listed warrants as well as providing false information to law enforcement. 20-16821

• A Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle near Seltice Way and Idaho Rd. and issued a citation to the driver for possession of paraphernalia. 20-16822

• Deputies responded to N Courcelles Parkway in regards to an out of control teenager. On scene they learned that he had been making threatening statements towards the parents causing them some concern. They requested a Deputy transport him to KH so he could get some treatment. 20-16825

Notable Calls of the day!


To all the Mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day and Thank You.

Day Shift responded to the following calls:

• Deputies responded to W. Coyote Ln regarding an injury crash. Upon his arrival he learn an elderly male was backing out of his garage and went too far. He backed down an embankment hitting two tree. 20-16856

• Deputies responded to S. Alexanna Ln for a Civil Standby regarding the Domestic Dispute call from the night before. 20-16857

Evening Shift responded to the following calls:

• Deputies responded to a custodial dispute on 3rd Avenue near Post Falls. A custody agreement was worked out in court earlier in the day and there was some confusion/reluctance on one of the parties. 20-16872

• Deputies responded to a suspicious person reported at the Casino. The reporting party said they recognized a person and vehicle involved in drug activity in Rockford, Washington and said they were currently “all drugged out” at the Casino. Deputies were UTL that vehicle, but while in the parking lot they contacted a male who ended up having a warrant. 20-16906

• A Deputy and his K9 Dyno assisted CdA PD on a call resulting in a positive indication of drugs in the vehicle. 20-16911

• Night Shift responded to the following calls: A Deputy conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver who had 3 warrants out of Nez Perce County, ID. Upon contacting the agency to confirm the warrants they advised they would not extradite him. The male was released on a warning for his traffic violation. 20-16916

• A Deputy contacted a suspicious vehicle at the Nettleton Gulch Trailhead and issued citations to a male for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. 20-16943

• A Deputy conducted a traffic stop at Highway 95 and Dalton. They cited and released two males for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. 20-16934

• A Deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle he observed fail to stop at a stop sign at Ramsey and Canfield. The driver, was arrested for DUI, Obstructing, and DWP. The male driver refused to provide a breath sample. He was also an illegal alien and returned in NCIC as having been deported from the United States multiple times. The male’s vehicle also had damage which was consistent with a nearby reported hit and run accident in the City of Coeur d’Alene. Border Patrol also advised they would make contact with the male at PSB regarding his immigration status. 20-16955

• Deputies responded at the request of Rathdrum Police Department to assist them with a motor vehicle crash on Lauren Loop near its intersection with Nagel. Rathdrum PD only had one officer on and was conducting evaluations on a male. 20-16958 and 20-16959.

Notable calls for the day!


• Day Shift responded to the following calls: While in briefing, ISP requested an Agency Assist reference a vehicle traveling eastbound I-90 at speeds over 120 mph near mm 7. The original reason for the stop was reckless. Units began to head to assist, and then were cancelled by ISP. Units were then asked to respond again due to them locating the vehicle again near Yellowstone Trail and I-90. As units began to set up to assist a Tropper performed a P.I.T. on Cd’A Lake Dr. near Walker Bay Rd. KCSO units were not involved in the pursuit, and acted only in a support manner to ISP. 20-16966

• Deputies responded to an Attempted Burglary/Burglary at Rite Aid (Hayden) in reference to the RP advising he was pretty sure some males entered the store, took some things, and then fled the area in a Washington plated vehicle 20-16976

• A Deputy responded to RPD in reference to an Agency Assist as a DRE. 20-16984

• Evening Shift responded to the following calls: Patrol was dispatched to a vessel heavily occupied and taking on water in distress in Carlin Bay. The Dive Team was paged and responded. Upon arrival, the vessel was secure and ultimately just out of fuel. All of the occupants were uninjured from the incident and the KCSO assisted in the transport of persons/moorage of the vessel.

• Units responded to Prairie x Atlas for a psychological incident involving a male. The male was intoxicated, cut his forearm, and made statements about going home and stabbing himself in his throat. He was taken to KH for treatment. 20-17035.

• Deputies responded to N 6th St in Athol for a psychological incident involving a male. The male was not a harm to himself or others, but appears to be developing memory issues as he was turned around while on business in this area and had difficulty remembering the street he lived on. FI completed. 20-17045.

Night Shift responded to the following calls:

• Deputies responded to Hwy 95 x Boekel to assist ISP with a multi-vehicle, non-injury collision.

• Deputies responded to Ramsey x Prairie for intoxicated male transient. He was warned and moved along. FI completed. 20-17060.

• Deputies responded to assist on several medical calls for service, ISP on another collision, and conducted traffic stops/security checks.