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SHERIFF: Stop deputy exodus

| May 12, 2020 1:00 AM

I’m a retired Deputy Sheriff having worked my entire 28-plus year career at KCSO.

I started as a green “boot” Patrol Deputy and have worked DTF, District Deputy, Warrants, Detectives, Dive Team and Board of Standards.

My only interest in this election is for the citizens and future employees at KCSO.

Voters don’t believe the illusion that Edmondson is as qualified as the recent endorsements from the elected officials from the past would lead you to believe.

Edmondson is the product of a well orchestrated political scheme set about many years ago to artificially accelerate her promotions in order to enhance her future electability.

No other jail sergeant was allowed to transfer directly to Patrol Division and retain that rank. And then to be promoted after a brief stint on the road to Detectives Lieutenant was unfathomable.

Edmondson was trained to continue the obstinate administrative attitude that I witnessed my entire career.

This will lead to the continued exodus of our Deputies to other agencies that I personally witnessed far to many times. It’s just not better pay and benefits but the condescending attitude of the good old boy former KCSO administration.

KCSO needs positive change from a candidate with true leadership ability, not a puppet to be manipulated by those from the past.


KCSD Deputy Sheriff, Retired Idaho POST Master Certified

Coeur d’Alene