Friday, April 12, 2024

TYRANNY: A gubernatorial reality

| May 10, 2020 1:00 AM

The founding fathers’ biggest fear was tyranny. That’s why, in large part, the system they gave us is so cumbersome.

As frustrating and dysfunctional as it is now, the three branches of government do serve, on the federal level, to prevent the emergence of a tyrant. However, it appears as if somewhere along the line we traded one tyrant for 50 potential tyrants. I know that sounds extreme but the reality is one person, a governor, can and has deprived the entire population of their states of two of the three rights specifically named in the Declaration of Independence: Liberty (you will not leave your home unless it is for a purpose I deem necessary), pursuit of happiness (you will not earn a paycheck until I say you will be allowed. You WILL close your business until I say you may open it.)

At first, restrictions seemed reasonable as so little was known of this virus but the computer models have been so monumentally wrong they keep being revised over and over. The death rate is far below that which we were initially told.

We have identified those at greatest risk. The Michigan governor is just the most egregious example but our governor has denied these rights to Idaho citizens as well. He has lost nothing. He hasn’t missed a paycheck and his retirement, funded by us, is just as secure as it ever was. I never thought I would see this in America. If the shoe fits…


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