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HOUSER: A prayerful memory

| May 10, 2020 1:00 AM

To Pam Houser, in memory of your late husband, Rich Houser. Pam, you might not know this story.

Rich and I were friends in the late ’80s, when we worked for Century Publishing. He was a joy to be around with a contagious personality and sense of humor. I was an assistant production manager and while in my office, Rich came by and asked if we could talk. I sensed seriousness in his voice.

Richard knew of my faith in God and asked about Christ and salvation. His desire to understand was impressive. I explained salvation, what it meant and that anyone can receive it. I expected he would take what I shared with him and think about it as many I had shared with before had. But to my surprise, without hesitation or concern of anyone walking by; he asked, “Can we pray that prayer now?” We bowed our heads as I led him in a prayer of salvation. When we lifted our heads, Rich had tears in his eyes.

That time with Rich was a blessing for us both. I have often wondered if anyone I’ve shared that message with ever truly accepted … without a doubt, Richard did. My only regret, in those years between then and now, is even though I thought of him many times, I hadn’t made an effort to reconnect. He was a truly good guy.

My advice to anyone reading this; try your best to not look back and say, “I wish I had.”


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