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SHERIFF: Use common sense

| May 9, 2020 1:00 AM

After 60 years in north Idaho, 47 of those in law enforcement at local, state and federal levels. I feel we should use common sense and facts in evaluating the Sheriff’s race.

Our Sheriff’s Office is a multi-million dollar business. With a new Sheriff change will occur thus, no status quo. All businesses have dissension in areas such as wages and promotions.

We are voting on who will best serve us as Sheriff, not as a patrol officer, etc. Everyone knows you don’t have to work at every position to be a good administrator.

The Sheriff’s Office has 319 permanent positions. KCDSA had 125 members vote. 66 or 53% voted for one candidate. Not overwhelming. How about the other 194 individuals? We don’t know who they support. CDAPOA decided to not support any candidate. This allows each member to be fairly represented through their individual vote.

Our next Sheriff will need true administrative experience. Three of the four candidates have command level experience. The other, over 30 years, was promoted to Sergeant and then Lieutenant, both supervisory positions. LASD never promoted him to a command level rank.

Of the remaining three — two have “law enforcement” command experience.

Their experience — one has law enforcement experience from Texas. The other has experience from Idaho.

Finally, who has the support of local law enforcement LEADERS. Kim Edmondson is the only candidate endorsed by the Spokane County Sheriff and Sheriffs throughout Idaho, as well as retired Chiefs and Sheriffs from Kootenai County.