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COVID-19: ‘Lord thy will be done’

by Leonard Brant
| May 9, 2020 1:00 AM

I am in the age group most affected by COVID-19. I remain in relatively good health and plan to be a centurion. Over the years, I have had a few bouts with bronchitis, so, I practice distancing, wear a face mask, and my hands have never been cleaner than they are today.

Initially, national distancing practices were necessary to give individuals, hospitals, and medical suppliers time to get ready for the assault of the virus. Now, we need modified guidelines that let the younger generation get back to work. Far too many young adults are suffering financially and are in jeopardy of losing their homes.

Additionally, there are human factors to consider. Over the past several years my son and I have enjoyed having breakfast together Sunday mornings at one of several cafes where we can discuss life, families, work, and other interests. I miss those meetings. I would rather follow modified guidelines that allow us to get back together over a nice meal. I didn’t expect to spend my final years of life sitting at home staring at walls. I would rather face the future with family and friends. Most restaurants could open by checking the temperature of customers and by modifying their seating plans to allow for distancing. Other businesses could follow a similar plan. Idaho should not be bound by New York guidelines.

COVID-19 is a severe threat to our well-being but it shouldn’t be all-consuming of our daily activities. I hope individuals will still respond and allow some distancing and not make light of the seriousness of this epidemic. If I become infected by COVID-19, I will continue to trust in God and my prayer will be “Lord thy will be done.”

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Leonard Brant is a Post Falls resident.