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DEBT: A deeper sickness

| May 8, 2020 1:00 AM

Let’s look at COVID-19, the nastiest virus to hit our country since 1917. And the irony of it all is millions of hard working Americans are being paid to stay home — with funds we don’t have but will need to borrow. We’ll just add it to our already $22 trillion debt ($22,000,000,000,000).

It has been said it won’t be so bad because interest is so low — kinda the same mindset as the guy selling his product for a loss but surely will make up for it in volume! This makes no sense to me at all — printing money or borrowing it or wherever it comes from is going to have a very sober ending for America.

I think there should be a basic 101 economics class for each member of Congress requiring them to swear on their lives that each year they can’t spend more money than we take in. But, many will say we need to tax more — others will say we need to spend less. Those who do little will demand that others do more. Yeah — and others will insist that they are entitled to whatever it is that they are entitled to.

Our debt is like a raging, relentless forest fire burning out of control and we just keep throwing gasoline on it. Folks, this pandemic is peanuts to what’s coming around the corner! And social distancing won’t help. But at least for now, let’s get open and back to work — quickly and safely.


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