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AFFILIATION: California’s dire warning

| May 8, 2020 1:00 AM

Sunday’s editorial describes the evils of primary voting based on party registration. While you do indicate the solution is to change party registration to enable voting and certainly party labels do not mean much anymore, there are corruption problems with open voting.

Crossover voting enables the larger party to vote in either party and the result is all candidates on the November ballot are chosen by one party.

A result is all the candidates in California were for promoting abortion and aberrant lifestyles based on a court ruling and not a legislative action. The process in California resulted in Democrats picking all of the candidates.

In this state, ask the Democrats how much they would appreciate the Republicans choosing their candidates for the November election.

Finally, as far as “RINO” being a badge of honor, it is the label of big government politicians who advocate for personal interest over values of our founding fathers had in the establishment of this country. This country stands for equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Hard work and effort should be rewarded and valued. The student who studies should get the good grade and not a participation trophy. RINO is not a badge of honor, but a label of misrepresentation.