Friday, April 12, 2024

LOCKDOWN: It’s not safe

| May 6, 2020 1:00 AM

Our county has zero deaths due to COVID. The dreaded death curve did not happen.

There comes a point when things become obvious. No math skills are needed to see that lockdown was not a wise decision.

They claim lockdown saved us. But countries like Sweden and the seven states with no statewide lockdown have proven we could have done as well with limited voluntary isolation measures.

We know lockdown is causing suicides and death due to delayed care. Famine is predicted in the third world. This is the tip of a large iceberg. The debt incurred to prop up the economy could destabilize the nation.

We now have death from COVID, plus death caused by lockdown. Lockdown may also create a second wave of infections.

Every day of lockdown carries a terrible price. Our places of employment teeter on bankruptcy. The harmful effects of lockdown will be felt for years.

Human nature makes it hard to admit being wrong. Some states are acting quickly to stop the carnage. Idaho is ahead of some, but like most states is playing it “safe.” From my vantage point as a local physician, lockdown is anything but safe.