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EDUCATORS: Avoid personal attacks

| May 6, 2020 1:00 AM

In regard to Don Sausser’s April 22 Letter to the Editor. While your points are well-taken and fair to ask, I wonder why you decided to single out one educator and mock her quote in a widely read publication? Even if we are to assume that the article represented her entire quote appropriately (suspect), per Merriam-Webster, ending a sentence with a preposition is not actually incorrect grammar. Perhaps not to your liking but not wrong.

Maybe next time, instead of attacking and mocking a hardworking educator, you should praise the difficult and often thankless work they do and be glad that they work so hard on behalf of our students and our children. I know that I appreciate them and the work they do, regardless of how the newspaper chooses to end their quotes.



P.S. I encourage you to look up the difference between “councilor” and “counselor” before climbing on your English Language Soap Box. You might find it educational.