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| May 6, 2020 1:00 AM

The sheriff’s race is critical. That’s why I endorse Rick Whitehead. Kootenai County’s future needs proven leadership to support rapidly accelerating change.

Kootenai County has enterprises like; The Innovation Collective, aerospace suppliers, businesses like Ground Force, Bert Rutan’s active retirement, and similar entrepreneurs who are attracting others.

The Sheriff’s department needs experienced leadership to provide a safe secure foundation to our changing culture.

Rick Whitehead brings 40+ years law enforcement, 26 years in leadership, and 25 years as law enforcement training business owner.

That’s the depth of expertise and quality of experience we need right here and right now! Rick brings proven experience solving the challenges of growth, retention, compensation, and advanced staff training that face Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department.

Kim has useful knowledge of local department history, but she lacks broad leadership skills in a rapidly changing culture… Maybe next time.

Norris offers glitz, glitter, and big spending. His questioned Los Angeles leadership experience in a huge bureaucracy in the LA culture does not fit here. His local tax issues raise questions. He is a poor fit for Kootenai County.

(Disclosure: I grew up in South Los Angeles and know that area’s history well.)

Don’t waste your vote on emotions, flashy signs, pricey advertising, slick talk, or subtle character attacks.

Rick commits to enhancing a visible presence in the community, improve response times, and to use your tax dollars efficiently.

Rick Whitehead is conducting a transparent campaign to offer Kootenai residents mature, competent leadership.

Personally, Rick is a valued Christian brother, a man of unquestioned integrity, and the man that Kootenai County needs as Sheriff.


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