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FILLIOS: Correcting two writers

| May 5, 2020 1:00 AM

John MacPhee, a Greg Delavan supporter, has no issue with discriminating against my husband Chris Fillios for being raised in NY. A city that does not discriminate against newcomers. We came here from NH and have been Idaho residents for 24 years, having owned properties in the city, county and on the lake. Yet the fact that we sold our home and are currently renting our daughter’s property until we build, seems to be a concern with the Delavan campaign.

As far as property rights are involved, appraisers and Realtors are on the front lines. We deal with property rights every day and I know of no other person who is publicly elected who cares more about our rural lands, water resources and commitment to preserve the rural lifestyle than my husband. A man who works 24-7 with over 400 meetings per year. Chris is dedicated to this county, has taken two weeks off in three and half years and no sick days. I would say that is the NY work ethic. Would Mr. Delavan give the same? I doubt it.

Instead, Greg Delavan ran the airport with no appreciable gain in 15 years, refers to science on water quality as “junk science” with a distorted view of private property rights. And by the way was fired twice by two different boards and per his own admission was fired four times. Is this commissioner material?

And to Mr. Rebay, you must be mistaken. The minutes of Jan. 16, 2020 indicate that my husband Chris was the only commissioner to vote for the moratorium. Both Commissioners Bill Brooks and Leslie Duncan voted against it.


Coeur d’Alene