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DOUG O: Not just a talker

| May 5, 2020 1:00 AM

I’m voting for Doug Okuniewicz for the Idaho House, Seat 2B, because he’s not an empty talker. While it’s imperative to me that he is pro-life (and was recently endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life), that he supports the Second Amendment, and that he believes in limited government, what sets him apart is that he also cares about issues important to people like me.

Doug reminds me a lot of Sen. Steve Vick because he’s smart, conservative, and he has a big heart! As I widow and a senior citizen, I think it’s important that a candidate truly cares about the people they want to represent.

Doug has volunteered for years to raise money for non-profits and charities including senior centers, meals on wheels, and food banks. He’s also made it clear that one of his priorities will be to help get property taxes under control. Many seniors on fixed incomes are concerned about being taxed out of homes we’ve already paid for.

Doug has also been pro-active in opposing the re-entry center. Doug has already been meeting with local officials for months to help them draft code that will give us the ability to refuse a reentry center in our community. I like that Doug has already been serving and working on our behalf.

We’re fortunate to have Steve Vick and Vito Barbieri already working for us. I’m confident Doug Okuniewicz will be a great asset to the people of our district.