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DELAVAN: His ability is proven

| May 5, 2020 1:00 AM

I received an unsolicited mailing from Commissioner Chris Fillios stating “when candidates knowingly present inaccurate information” the “voters deserve better.” Surprisingly, in this same mailing, Fillios communicates misinformation about his opponent, Greg Delavan. Fillios inaccurately states that there is “no record” of Delavan’s “proven ability” as former Airport Manager.

Delavan served as manager for over 20 years. His evaluations were consistently high. His performance was praised by airport customers, taxpayers, and the Airport Advisory Board.

Local politics can sometimes be ugly. Delavan publicly opposed a proposed Unified Land Use Code which would have radically reworked the county’s land use system at an exorbitant cost. Commissioner Dan Green supported that plan. Green also oversaw Delavan’s employment.

Delavan was later fired after Green and a second commissioner hatched a plan without the knowledge of the third Commissioner (Jai Nelson). The plan was sprung on Nelson on a Monday morning. Delavan was summarily ousted by a vote of two to one.

Delavan was promptly rehired by a subsequent board under an employment contract with a no termination clause running through 2016.

In January 2017, on his way out the door, Green succeeded in re-firing Delavan as one of his last official acts. Again, Delavan’s firing was opposed by the Airport Board and a divided Commission.

Petty personal grievances or conflicts have no place in county government. Greg Delavan is an asset to our community and more qualified than anyone to be our next commissioner. His opponent’s flyer simply misrepresents history and the truth. I intend to support Greg Delavan and hope you will as well.


Coeur d’Alene