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TOURISTS: An economic savior

| May 3, 2020 1:00 AM

Hooray! Our gelded governor has discovered the cure for the Chinese 19 flu bug. TOURIST SEASON, yes folks tourist season will save us all. Let’s flood North Idaho with tourists from highly infected areas of the country to a population that has had virtually no exposure to this Chinese bug due to the governor’s isolation policy. Thanks governor for not giving us the chance of group immunity.

Cowering with fear of what the fake news media would say about him, Little took the coward’s way out. Until now, when the flood of Chamber of Commerce and tourist councils’ pressure and dollars lots of dollars, a decision is made to damn the residents and by no way hamper TOURIST SEASON.

Hey Brad, have you ever bothered to look at the real scientific studies (not models) that are determining lockdowns were the worst things to do? Not a single model has been accurate. Perhaps, you should have used your government health insurance before ruining so many lives.

Just a hint, you isolate the sick not the healthy. That’s called common sense, something politicians like you seem to have a vaccine for.


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