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QUESTIONS: Just asking

| May 3, 2020 1:00 AM

For the life of me, I wondered why so many people want to be Sheriff of Kootenai County. The average salary is $106,000 plus other additions such as education, longevity, classes taken, etc.

Captain Edmondson was not endorsed by either Fire Department or the Sheriff’s Department for Sheriff and I wonder if this is because of the old boy’s network at play?

Why would anyone not want to vote for Bill Brooks with his record of looking out for the people of Kootenai County when his opponents have either no record or a poor record?

Why would anyone want to go out in today’s virus environment with the number of COVID-19 cases increasing here in Kootenai County?

Why would a mother educating three children at home ages (7, 9 and 11) after six weeks graduate them, have a commencement and give diplomas, and then ask them to leave home to find a job?

I guess staying home makes a mind wonder and begin to ask questions.


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