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HENDERSON: He does the right thing

| May 2, 2020 1:00 AM

Today we face a variety of challenges that in the blink of the eye can grind life as we know it to a halt. In times like these, with more trials to face than ever before, the last thing we need are elected officials in office who do not represent the greatest we have to offer.

We need men and women who are able to keep up with the ever increasingly rapid pace of our modern world while never letting traditional values and their own morality slip to the side.

In the County Commissioner race for District 1 there is only one person on the ballot this year that has the values and energy to do this job and do it with integrity — Nick Henderson.

I’ve known Nick Henderson for over a decade. I’ve been impressed by his tireless commitment to doing the right thing. In this campaign, and his congressional run in 2018, he espoused professionalism and innovation that was inspiring to the point that even his opponents commended him. When Nick puts his mind to doing a job he puts in the effort that many others shy away from.

Simply put — Nick is ready to serve the people of Kootenai County.

I respect for his leadership skills, drive, focus, and innovation. Nick Henderson is the man that Kootenai County needs as its next Commissioner; a true servant leader. I encourage you all to vote for Nick on your ballots. It’s time to #PickNick


Bonney Lake, Wash.