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FILLIOS: Has earned re-election

| May 2, 2020 1:00 AM

I am supporting Chris Fillios for County Commissioner. He has been doing an excellent job! Chris wants to hear all points of view prior to making decisions. He actively promotes economic development. He works to protect water quality in all of our lakes — arguably the County’s most valuable resource.

Fund balances are healthy contrary to what his opponent claims. The County’s budget has grown as growth has exploded in recent years, mandated County services are significant. These mandated services include jail, solid waste, and the airport. The recent jail expansion was funded by the BOCC of Commissioners, Eberlein, Stewart and Green. The expansion was recently completed and came in under budget.

Chris’s opponent, Greg Delavan, was the County Airport Director and was fired in 2014 by the BOCC of Tondee, Nelson and Green. He was rehired in early 2015 by the new BOCC that included Stewart, Eberlein, and Green.

In early 2017, Delavan was fired again by the same BOCC that re-hired him. Commissioner Stewart lost his re-election in 2016 because he was the County Commissioner who built his home without required permits, violating county ordinances. Now Delavan and Stewart are running as a slate consisting of a former county employee fired twice, and a former Commissioner that doesn’t believe the law applies to him.

Maintain honesty, competency and integrity in the Commissioner’s office and join me in voting for Chris Fillios for County Commissioner from District 2.