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EDMONDSON: Pick of ex-commissioner

| May 2, 2020 1:00 AM

As an Idaho native and lifelong resident of Kootenai County I care deeply about who we elect to represent us at the local level. Over the years I have been reminded again and again how truly special our county is when compared to other areas of the United States.

To truly understand Kootenai County I believe you need to have been a resident here to understand what makes us great. Therefore, in evaluating a person running for a county office I look at experience and their length of residency. I feel both of these areas are important in maintaining our current way of life.

While serving as a Kootenai County Commissioner, I worked on occasion with Kim Edmondson. I was impressed then with her professionalism and abilities. I am now even more impressed with the way she has progressed educationally and professionally while serving the Sheriff’s Office over her 28 year career.

Additionally, I am impressed with the many way she has served this county which are listed in the background area or her website:

I am endorsing Kim Edmondson for Sheriff and encourage those who care about Kootenai County and our way of life to vote for her as well.


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