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EDMONDSON: Mom sets record straight

| May 2, 2020 1:00 AM

On a full page ad in your paper on April 23, Robert Norris, himself, gave his straight forward answers and one of his answers is an untruth. He was asked, “Are you the ONLY California candidate?” He replied “No. There are three candidates originally from California. The other is from Texas.”

Point of Fact: As her Mom I know that Kim Edmondson was born in Cleveland, Ohio and at the ages of 5 through 10 she lived in San Jose, California. That is the ONLY time she lived in California. She was just a child, with no political ambitions, and had to live wherever our family chose.

When she was about 10 years old, our family moved to the Pacific Northwest via Spokane. In her teen years she was in an extended learning program at school. In her spare time, she loved to ride horses and developed a fondness for the trails in Idaho. As a young lady she got married and had a son. Her husband enlisted in the Army and unfortunately died in an accident. Kim suddenly became a widow, with a young son. She strived for his future by enrolling at NIC where she not only graduated, but in later years became “Alumni of the Year.”

She later married Andy, who IS an Idaho native, and all have lived in Kootenai County for all these years and most of Kim’s life. Kim Edmondson has NEVER claimed to be an Idaho native, but at the same time it is unjust to call her a Californian. So, Mr. Norris, perhaps you should have done some research before answering that question?


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