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COMMISSION: No to Fillios

| May 2, 2020 1:00 AM

I recently reviewed the Voters Guide supplement from April 25th. In there I noticed an ad to re-elect Chris Fillios. In that ad it notes that he is interested in “Preserving our Rural Lifestyle.”

As part of a group of residents who recently requested a 6 month subdivision moratorium so the county could consider the declining water supply in our local hills before approving more development, I would disagree with that claim. Despite mounds of evidence and testimony from concerned residents he and the other commissioners denied our request. They mocked the notion that the county had any responsibility to conduct such a study.

I would submit that if he cares more about allowing subdivisions for developers than he does about the water supply for existing rural residents, he doesn’t care at all about Idaho’s rural lifestyle. Do your homework Idaho.


Post Falls