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Bonners Ferry: No roosters

| May 2, 2020 1:00 AM

BONNERS FERRY— Roosters are not welcome in Bonners Ferry.

According to a recent city public service announcement, there is a common question circulating among the community: “What kinds of animals can I have on my lot?”

The answer largely depends on where one lives in the city limits.

The city is divided into varied zones. If residents are located in Zone B, and they are on lots that are at least one acre or larger, then they must abide by the domestic livestock regulations.

For those residents who reside in Residential Zone B, they are allowed to care for one cow, or one horse, or three sheep, or four goats, or 12 chickens.

The chickens must all be hens in Zone B. No roosters are allowed.

“If you are out of compliance currently we ask for you to begin moving towards compliance,” according to the public service announcement. “Code violations may be issued for non-compliance.”