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SALONS: Let them work

| May 1, 2020 1:00 AM

I live in a residential community of senior citizens. The managers of this community are enforcing the government’s requirements for self-protection. That is good.

Recently the community’s leaders said it was alright for salon workers to return. However, the salon workers were notified by the government that if they returned before government approval, they would lose their licenses.

It is well-known that this area is safer than most areas of the country. Idaho is included in the states that have had rallies calling for relaxation of restrictions. The seniors here, especially women, need the salon services. Many women use hair services weekly. Foot services are usually every month to six weeks. Our facility said they could resume those services, but the government refuses that.

Besides being a problem for the residents, it is a financial problem for the salon workers, some of whom are single parents. The chances of this service spreading the virus at this time in this area are very remote. I urge our governor and others who have authority to loosen up and let us get back to normal.


Post Falls