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PRESS: Pro-China agenda

| May 1, 2020 1:00 AM

It appears that Hagadone is pushing the Panhandle Health District’s (see K. Hoyer piece last Friday) pro-communist China, anti-U.S. propaganda yet again. This time, however, the ignorance could be endangering the local population. Hoyer takes the moral high ground with accusations toward us as racists.

A virus, she says, cannot target specific locations or populations. However, not mentioning the origination of viruses, in this case Wuhan China, will likely hinder our cure efforts since we are not allowed to research or question the Chinese Communist Party as to the development and evolution of the virus. She seems to be more concerned about offending the Chinese government, lecturing us that it is discrimination and stigmatic to do so, rather than help Americans win a victory in this terrible fight. Her myth that those who have been in a hot spot more than 14 days ago, do not put people at risk, is ignorance at its height. Has she ever heard the term Asymptomatic?

The immigration restriction orders were put in place for a reason. Wake up and smell the roses. Which images would she like us to be cautious about in avoiding stereotypes: images of communist China and its involvement in the world’s biggest cover-up. Who does she and other Hagadone staff writers consider reliable sources? I suspect those who currently hate the U.S. government vehemently. They would rather see an epidemic continue its wrath rather than to appear discriminatory and stigmatizing. What a shame.


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