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PRESS: A print servant

| May 1, 2020 1:00 AM

I am often criticized for reading my newspaper daily by friends who are social media addicts. I always tell them print journalism can bring more to a story than social media or broadcast journalism since the latter are prohibited by time and space.

Case in point your Tuesday “The Business Journal of North Idaho.” It was packed with information that is so pertinent to our community.

Examples were articles on CP-95 and Continuous Composites and their creativity to address a problem all of us are experiencing; 10 ways to recover from COVID which were absolutely spot on; small business innovation and speed; Prairie Pavilion meeting a community need; and the news on the music conservatory.

Your paper proves it is relevant and timely when social media is so in your face. Thank you for your commitment to serve the public interest, convenience and necessity — benchmarks in a public service.


Retired Navy

Post Falls