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GOVERNOR: Flirting with tyranny

| May 1, 2020 1:00 AM

What if it is not the governor’s job to keep you healthy, keep you working, bail out your failed business, or decide which businesses are essential?

What if we are reaping the consequences of believing that these things come from our government?

See for yourself the sections that give Governor Little power:

Article IV of the Idaho Constitution:

4. He shall have power to call out the militia to execute the laws, to suppress insurrection, or to repel invasion.

5. Power to see that laws are faithfully executed.

6. Power to appoint officers.

7. Power to grant pardons.

8. Power to compel legislature to provide reports.

9. Power to convene legislature for extraordinary occasions.

10. Power to veto laws within 5 days (Sundays excepted) of the legislature presenting them.

11. Power to disapprove of appropriations bills.

16. Power to sign Grants and Permissions.

I didn’t see anything in there saying that he can decide whether your business is essential, health precautions you must take, or giving him power to suspend your First Amendment rights, did you?

Tyranny exists in part because people keep their heads in the sand. Let’s be smarter than that when we mark our ballots!


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