Readers Speak Out: Listen to experts

March 24, 2020 11:20 AM

Dear Mr. President,

Please stop. Please stop speaking at press conferences. Let the scientists and the other members of your Coronavirus Task Force team speak. We need the truth, not anecdotal rumors. We need real science.

I taught elementary school for 36 years and raised a family. I know you’re fabricating reality. You’re in deep trouble and out of control. Stop spinning stories and blaming others. Stop making false promises. Stop giving us word salad tirades. Stop ranting about your sacrifices.

I am 75 years old. I am self isolating in my home to protect myself and others. I am washing my hands, disinfecting surfaces, etc. I am stressed when I periodically need go out in public for groceries and necessary supplies. I am stressed worrying about my family members and friends. I am stressed knowing our health care system isn’t prepared to meet the impending crises. I am dumbfounded when I watch our national leaders standing shoulder to shoulder before the camera, placing their hands on the same podium, speaking into the same microphone, attempting to not offend you by presenting the facts.

Just step back. This situation is not all about you. Let the experts lead us, speak the truth, do the best they can do, provide the guidance we so desperately need.

Leslie Wilde

Hayden, Idaho