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Trail fans can help hiking, biking, horse trails

| July 9, 2020 1:00 AM

BOISE — Residents who want to chip in to support the state’s hiking and bike trails can pick up a trail sticker for a $10 donation.

The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation made its “Idaho Trails Supporter” sticker available for the public last month on National Trails Day.

For 10 bucks, residents can sponsor Idaho’s hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. All proceeds of this voluntary program will go toward maintaining and protecting Idaho’s non-motorized trails. To sign up visit the state parks and recreation website and click on the Trails Sticker on the “shop” tab.

Idaho’s 10,000 miles of non-motorized trails have no dedicated funding source and suffer from deferred maintenance, Chelsea Chambers of Idaho Parks and Recreation said.

“Some trails have become dangerous to use and impassable, even taken off of official maps,” Chambers said.

As agency budgets shrink, users can ensure the trails they love stay open and well kept.

“With no dedicated funding source for maintenance, trails are slowly disappearing,” said Tom Helmer, the department’s non-motorized trails manager. “Idaho’s trails need your support.”

The sticker program will create awareness, help sustain Idaho’s trail system and raise funds to improve and expand the network, Helmer said.

Donations will fund critically needed trail projects as recommended by volunteers, user groups and land managers.


For $10 trail enthusiasts get a sticker like this one, and at the same time donate to trail upkeep.