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| February 28, 2020 12:00 AM

Democrats want to do away with the electoral college. Our Founders gave us the electoral college so the large states could not ride roughshod over the small states. But that is exactly what Democrats want.

In 2004, presidential election maps began to be drawn coloring states red or blue to show the majority vote — Republican or Democrat respectively. The map for the 2008 election indicates that the Republicans won the election handily ( election/2008). However, the reverse is true.

Even more dramatic is seeing voting colored by county as seen by scrolling down to the fourth map. Here red is extremely dominant.

In the 2016 election (, 2,600 counties were red and 500 were blue. More than five times the number of counties voted Republican as voted Democrat. However, Clinton got the majority vote (65.8 million) to Trump’s (63 million). Because of the electoral college, Donald Trump was elected.

If the electoral college were eliminated, those of us in less populated states might as well not vote. In states with large metropolitan areas, people in the rural areas might as well not vote. That is the problem in California, Oregon, and Washington — the eastern areas feel left out.


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