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Sheriff's Blotter

| December 30, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A CSO responded to Galena Drive, the Ponderosa Springs Golf Course for a business burglary. Three adult males were scene on video cutting a lock to a storage shed and stealing several chainsaws, a compressor, welder, and a backpack blower. 20-54554

• Deputies responded to Massachusetts St. to assist Spirit Lake PD on a juvenile problem/family dispute. 20-54560

• Deputies responded to W. Santiago Dr. in Hauser for a psychological call involving a 54 year old male. The male was contacted near the residence by deputies. He returned home and took his medications. 20-54569

• Recreation Safety Deputies responded to the Hayden Creek area in reference the male from last night’s call, as he still has not been heard from by his family today. As of 1300 hours, a cousin heard from the male who sent a text saying he was soaking wet from trying to dig himself out. Dispatch received a call from the male and received updated GPS information. He was located by Deputies at 1500 hours who assisted him in getting out of the Forest. It should be noted that the barricades are up at Bunco and Fernan trail heads but there aren't any restricting access at Hayden Creek, however, it is not passable by vehicles. 20-54533

• Deputies responded to Prairie and Ramsey for a three vehicle minor injury crash. 20-54583

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. Government Way for a reported Battery. The caller advised she was being battered by the woman she was caring for. On scene Deputies investigated and learned from the R/P that the male suffers from dementia and is not totally lucid. The R/P became concerned when she felt male was holding the dog too tightly and tried to intervene. According to R/P, the male then started hitting her all over. It was further learned male will be transferred to an assisted living facility on Dec. 28th. An incident report was completed. 20-54589

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. Birdsong Ln. for a suicide threat. It was reported that a female was threatening to stab herself. She did have a knife, but her husband was able to get it away from her. Deputies arrived and placed the female on a PC hold. 20-54609

• Deputies responded to W. Ebbtide Dr. for what was originally aired as a suicide threat. It was reported that a male had left the residence several hours ago and wanted to kill himself. Upon arrival, it was learned the male was not suicidal, but has been in the past. The group was visiting from California and not familiar with the area and they were concerned for the male as he walked away from the residence. The investigation revealed that the male and his friend got into an altercation and the male left to cool off. He returned to the residence and was fine. No one wanted to pursue charges for battery. 20-54618

• A Deputy took a report of missing snowmobilers in the Fernan Saddle area. The R/P called to advise some of her party had not made it back from the Hudlow Warming Hut. They had received a text message from them and they advised they were OK, but were trying to find their way back. After another hour of them not returning, Recreation Safety Deputies was contacted. A ping was requested on one of their cell phones. The ping came back with an unreliable area. Rec. Safety Deputies were called out to assist. A request to the USAF Rescue Coordination Center was made and the USAF were able to provide coordinates and Deputies were responding to that area. As of the end of this shift, they are still looking for the subjects. 20-54622

• Deputies to Walmart for a shoplifter. A temp employee was observed not paying for all his merchandise when using the self-checkout lines. The male was contacted and claimed to not realize he did not pay for some of the items. The items were recovered and returned to Walmart. They did not wish to pursue charges, but did want the male trespassed. 20-54624

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Backcountry deputies were called out for 3 lost snowmobilers. The R/P stated that they had left the Skitwich warming hut around 0130 hours. The 3 rode off trail and got turned around in the dark. Deputies were able to get a location on their cell phones using the AFRCC. Deputies located the snowmobilers who were tired but in good spirits. Deputies assisted with getting the group back on the trail and out to their vehicles. 20-54622

• Deputies responded to N Main Ave. in Bayview regarding a Welfare Check. Upon their arrival they attempted to contact a male who the family had not heard from throughout the holidays, by knocking on all the doors and windows of the float house with no answer. They attempted calls in to the residence with no answer. The resident was eventually contacted and was advised the reason they were there. He advised he was ok just feeling a little sick and was in bed. It was later learned he was sleeping with earplugs in, and that was why he did not hear them initially. 20-54629

• A Deputy responded to W. Quail Ln regarding an injury crash. Upon his arrival he learned it was an ATV crash on private property not open to the public. The injured party was treated by medial staff. 20-54654

• A Deputy responded to S. Linkbelt Rd for an unattended death. Nothing suspicious was noted. 20-54644

• Deputies responded to W. Hillsdale Rd regarding a Domestic Dispute. Upon his arrival he learned a female was suicidal and had a knife and had already cut her arm. When Deputies arrived the female no longer had the knife. She was placed into custody on a PC hold and transported to Kootenai Health after medical cleared her. 20-54645

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of Strahorn and Lancaster for the report of a suspicious vehicle. It was reported that the driver of the vehicle was seen "digging into mailboxes". The reporting party followed the vehicle for a short distance then stopped. After the reporting party stopped, the vehicle returned to the mailboxes. Deputies searched the area and was unable to find the vehicle, a white Chevy pickup, or any evidence that mailboxes had been rifled through. An FI was completed in case mail thefts are reported in the area. 20-54663

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle on Beck Road. The driver was arrested for his warrant. 20-54665

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle on I90 at the Sherman Exit. During his contact he located a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. The driver was traveling from Seattle (where he legally purchased the marijuana) to Eastern Montana after visiting family. The drugs were seized for destruction. 20-54684

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Although it was a cold slow night, the shift conducted security checks and ped/bike checks throughout the county. Directed patrols were also conducted at the various construction sites.

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N Government Way to assist Juvenile Probation. Upon their arrival they learned during a home check of a 16 year old juvenile, probation located Marijuana paraphernalia throughout juvenile’s room. Deputies completed a report. 20-54725

• A Deputy responded to three hit and run crashes throughout the county. They occurred at 12th Ave, in Post Falls, N Roberts Rd Super One Foods in Athol, and N. Government Way X Honeysuckle Ave. 20-54745,20-54656, 20-54744

• A Deputy responded to (CDA) Kootenai County Driver's License regarding a wanted person. The Deputy arrested a female for an Insufficient Funds Check warrant. 20-54726

• A Deputy responded to an unconscious female in the bathroom at the County Admin Building. As he arrival the female became conscious. The Deputy stayed with the Female until medical arrived. 20-54756

Evening shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Paradise Road to assist P&P with a home check. They received information that a female may be dealing drugs and weapons out of the residence. The person was not on scene when they arrived and her room was locked. No illegal items were located inside the residence, however, a male was there and arrested on his warrant. 20-54773

• A Deputy responded to the Casino after security reported two individuals using identification and credit cards that did not belong to them. Tribal PD also located methamphetamine on one of the subjects. Upon the Deputies arrival he learned that subjects was in possession of credit cards that did not belong to them, which she obtained and attempted to use without permission. They were arrested for possession of stolen property, and for possession of methamphetamine. 20-54770

• A Deputy checked out with a suspicious person at Cloverleaf and Santiago in response to a suspicious call. The male had a misdemeanor warrant. Upon his arrest he located paraphernalia on his person. 20-54789

• Deputies responded to Stateline Showgirls for the report of an unwanted person. It was determined that a males was at the business prior to deputy’s arrival, and was turned away multiple times as he was previously trespassed. He was located at the Saddle Sore. The male is the respondent in an NCO involving an employee of. The male was arrested for violation of the No Contact Order. A K-9 alerted on the male’s vehicle, which was parked in the Saddle Sore parking lot. A subsequent search revealed methamphetamine paraphernalia. He was charged with possession of paraphernalia. 20-54797

• Recreation Safety Deputies responded up Hayden Creek to locate a male after he became stranded, again, trying to retrieve his stuck vehicle. This was the same male that was stuck overnight a few days prior. He was located hours later, cold, but not injured. He was reminded yet again not to go back to get the vehicle without proper professional assistance first. 20-54772

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy handled an alcohol offense at Saddle Sore Inn. A female had consumed a full box of wine. She was cleared on scene by medical and given a courtesy ride to her residence and left with a friend. 20-54804

• A Deputy handled a welfare check at W. Santiago Circle. An R/P reported her brother is at the above address staying with his father who was abusive. The R/P stated brother has Asperger’s and has anxiety. Deputies made contact and confirmed the brother was safe at the residence. 20-54796

• A Deputy handled a non-injury property damage hit and run crash at Pleasant View Rd X Prairie Ave. 20-54823

• Deputies handled a two vehicle accident on Prairie Ave. near Corcellas Parkway. The accident was non-injury.