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VIRUS: No mask, no entry

| December 25, 2020 1:00 AM

Last week I sent a request to the management of Super 1 Food Stores that they start making the mask mandatory to enter their stores. They don’t seem to want to comply.

With the virus moving out of control and folks dying at an alarming rate, I don’t understand why businesses are more worried about their bottom line than the welfare of the community. Costco makes the mask mandatory and they seem to be doing a thriving business. I may start doing my shopping at Costco for the most part.

The employees at Super 1 all wear masks and do a very good job of protecting the public but it is the customers that I worry about. By not wearing a mask, many of them are putting the rest of us at risk. I guess you can always spot a Trumpster. He is the one NOT wearing a mask! I just don’t get it.