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'Miracle on Christmas'

Staff Writer | December 25, 2020 1:04 AM

Christmas is the perfect time to re-evaluate one's relationship with faith.

In "Miracle on Christmas," the main protagonist, Mary Boyce (played by Erin Bethea) finds herself at odds with her beliefs. When everything seems to be falling apart, a stranger appears out of the blue. Hope, joy and faith begin to manifest in ways that reaffirm some important things in Mary's life.

"It was born out of personal experience," "Miracle on Christmas" writer and director Thomas Bonifield explained.

"My wife and I went through a very difficult stretch a few years ago: her father died, she had a serious health scare and my job of eight years ended unexpectedly when company management changed," he said. "Through it all, we had a true sense of peace, rooted in our faith, despite incredibly trying circumstances."

Mary's sister Martha is played by Micah Lynn Hanson, an actress and singer who was raised in Coeur d'Alene. Her portfolio includes several other faith-based films and projects, including 2018 TV movie "Christmas on the Coast" and video short "Matthew West: The God Who Stays."

"Miracle on Christmas" is a Hallmark-style film.

"The picture looks like a Hallmark movie on the surface," Bonifield said.

"I’ve built in a lot of humor and entertainment value, and also endeavored to harmoniously weave the faith-related issues into the broader narrative so as to engage those who may not be faith-based movie fans," he said. "The kinds of issues covered — love and fidelity in marriage, support of family, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption, etc. — are universal virtues and make the movie accessible regardless of where one stands in the faith spectrum, though it is obviously geared toward Christians."

The film was released Nov. 3, particularly timely in light of all the difficulties of this year, Bonifield said.

"I am optimistic it will resonate with viewers of all backgrounds and give them hope," Bonifield said.



Photo courtesy of Horse is Ready Productions

Micah Lynn Hanson, left, grew up in Coeur d'Alene and co-stars in "Miracle on Christmas," a faith-based, Hallmark-style holiday film released in November.