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Unsung heroes on this special day

| December 25, 2020 1:00 AM

Even if your Christmas is seriously scaled down this year, count yourself among the gifted if you've got the day off.

Not everybody does, you know.

First and foremost, some medical professionals are on the job because even on Christmas Day, people get sick and hurt. If anybody had earned a quiet day off, it's these extraordinary men and women.

The incredibly dedicated workers at nursing homes and long-term care facilities don't all get the day off. Bless them for tending to our elderly and our infirm, even and especially on Christmas Day.

Police, firefighters — you're on the clock, too. Accidents happen. Holidays aren't garlic to criminal vampires. And somewhere, somebody's going to have a heart attack. Coals from a fireplace are going to spill onto flammable materials. And the public servants we rely upon most will be there to answer the call.

There are others, including our fellow ink-stained wretches at The Press. While the business office and circulation departments are closed for the day, dedicated journalists Glen Christmann, Hannah Neff, Joel Donofrio, Mark Nelke and Jason Elliott are among the employees who will put together your Saturday Press.

Carriers will hit the road late tonight after being allowed to deliver today's paper early (hence the absence of any late-breaking news). This way, they could spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at home with their wee bairns. If you haven't already sent them a holiday tip, please do.

Locally owned Super 1 gave its employees Christmas Eve and all day today off, but not all grocery store employees are so lucky. What's lucky for shoppers needing last-minute ingredients for the Christmas Feast is that some grocery stores will be open. Double check before you go, but websites indicated most Albertson's and Safeways would be open during the day today. If you go, thank the employees there for helping you out.

Walmart is closed today. Good for the employees, because Christmas Day is the only day of the year Walmart closes.

You get the idea. Maybe you grab a taxi or Uber ride somewhere today. Maybe you stop in at a convenience store when you see the lights on. Wherever you go and whatever you do, please, express gratitude to those who aren't as fortunate as you.

Merry Christmas to everyone — and especially to those who work so others can rest.