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AWARDS: Cuomo, Biden & Harris

| December 25, 2020 1:00 AM

Governor Cuomo received an Emmy for “Leadership/Masterful Use of TV to Inform and Calm” and Joe and Kamala chosen Time Magazine’s 2020 Person of the Year. (not even kidding!) Deserving? Let’s examine.

Cuomo’s order puts Covid patients into nursing homes, costing thousands of lives unnecessarily — New York’s medical supply cupboards bare (pre-Covid) because Cuomo used allocated funds for his own failed pet projects —thousands of businesses closing because of unwise Covid restrictions on all breathing populations — high, high taxes, with solemn promises of more to come — joyfully defunding law enforcement and on and on.

So an Emmy? Maybe one for “Outstanding Achievement in Poor/NO Judgment and Arrogance!”

Next there’s Joe and Kamala — a pair to make your head spin — Joe spent his campaign in his basement, which I must admit was brilliant — no exposure, no gaffes — otherwise only socialists and dead people would’ve voted for him — hmm — seems as if they did — can dead people really vote twice?

I watched as he entered rooms, looked around and said “WOW, WOW” as if hundreds or thousands were in attendance. The truth — maybe a dozen or so.

Boarding his plane, he’d turn around, wave to his adoring fans — oops, no one there — he deserves an Oscar for Best Actor in a Documentary on “How to Succeed and Profit in Politics While Being Unlikable, Untrustworthy and the Most Invisible Candidate To Ever Run for Office.”

Now, Kamala — she is way left of Socialist Bernie Sanders and nastier than a cornered? (Couldn’t think of anybody/anything nastier than her!). She and Joe deserve each other! Right has become wrong, wrong is right, good is bad, bad is good and America is rapidly becoming socialistic.

So sad. Remember, Cheryl Chumley says Socialists Don’t Sleep.


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