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Best Christmas present? Each other

Staff Writer | December 25, 2020 1:08 AM

Let me tell you two Christmas stories.

A dozen years ago, we bought our first fake Christmas tree. The minute we brought it home from Shopko, we were thrilled that the days of pitching pine skeletons into a cold-hearted Dumpster were done.

So was our cat, Karma.

Now classified as a Super Senior by the veterinarian, Karma curls up under the very tree she used to climb, her personal wire-and-plastic Mt. Everest.

To this day when I pull the tree out of its box and go through the exercise of straightening out the branches, I find little clumps of gray fur, decorations departed dearly from a climbing cat to her loving family. Some of those clumps deep inside the tree are near the top.

That's why there's a gray beast on today's Press Christmas for All graphic, looming over the star and representing the most successful fundraising campaign we've had in 35 years. On those occasions when CFA has reached goal, the shining star atop the tree was as good as it gets. This year we had to one-up that tradition, climbing above the previously stellar summit.

Nicely done, Karmy.

Which brings us to the second Christmas story. It's about another kind of karma; the kind that many of you know all about, because you created it.

Not only did this longstanding program have its best year ever, but due to the generosity of all the names listed below and many more who wished to give anonymously, Press Christmas for All passed another milestone. In those 35 years, the program has now raised more than $5 million, with every single penny going to Kootenai County residents who needed a little help.

Keep in mind that for the first chunk of the program's life, Christmas for All didn't seek cash donations. The program started with the idea of residents donating toys, new clothing and other goods.

Each year, volunteers would store all those goodies in whatever warehouse space some kind soul would loan CFA for the holiday season. But it became harder and harder to find and manage a warehouse, so we changed gears. The registered 501(c)3 went to a cash donation model, and $5 million later, the decision is deemed a success.

That success belongs to four groups: the donors; the volunteers; the vendors with whom CFA works to supply (at cost or lower) important services and goods; and the referring partners - local nonprofits that vet the recipients to ensure each is receiving a hand up, and not a handout.

As the holder of the Christmas for All nonprofit status, The Hagadone Corp.'s key volunteers this year were reporter/writer Kaye Thornbrugh, Regional Publisher Clint Schroeder, Controller Eric Haakenson, graphic artists Jerry Moore and Becky Lee, and from the Press business office, Mary Moore, Kattie George, Alley Wolf and Crystal Nelson.

Until two years ago, the program awarded small-denomination gift cards to almost any Kootenai County resident who filled out an application. Recognizing a need for change, CFA moved to a very specific, targeted program making meaningful changes in the lives of county residents striving to escape poverty - sometimes situational but often, generational.

You can thank Charity Reimagined for that, as Board Members Maggie Lyons, Elaine Kingston, Amberly Bunch and Joyce Dexter provided both the inspiration and the perspiration throughout the year. They got some help down the holiday homestretch from Sholeh Patrick.

But the brightest spotlight belongs on the donors, legions of generous, compassionate people who see great need around them and are willing to do something meaningful about it. Together, they set an all-time CFA fundraising record. They carried the program past the $5 million mark. And they did it with a joyous resolution that rubbed off on others.

God bless them, every one.


Anonymous in Athol; Brad Hagadone and Teresa Crowley; Larry A. Wolf and Bobbie Wolf; David & Jacqueline Dean; Sheila Gary; Mary Schmidt; Gregg Murphy; Johan & Patti Delport; Nancy and Jason Hart; Susan Sawhill; Kyle Mcintyre; Sue & Tom Thilo; Charlene Halfhide; David & Peggy Whitan;

William J Bollinger; Evalyn Adams; Ned and Diane Tower; In loving memory of Harry and Betty Fields; In memory of Thomas Macnaugaton; Cricket Pierce; Esther A. Alme; Ken Koep; Barb and Dale Dennis; Anne Sedgwick; Joan Woodard; Ronalld Taylor; Joe and Kathy Ornelas; Morgan Ford;

Richard and Janet Erickson; Michael Jeske; Judith A. Farrey; Arthur and Nancy Flagan; Donna Bresemann; In memory of William (Bill) Capen, retired U.S. Air Force; In memory of our grandson Tyler Cordle, Bill and Donna Armbruster; Catherine E. Tinder; Gary J and Sandra D Sonnen;

Ada May Foster; Georgia Rae and James Clay Warren; Cecil W. and Patricia Booth; In memory of Bob Donovan and Jerry Donovan; John Allen McGinnis and Susan A McGinnis; Lois H Pereira and Leland Pereira; Caroline Smith; Lagonda McDonald; Paul C Conger; Teddy J. Conger; Constance Howerton;

Kathy Montgomery; Robert H and Sally A Wallace; Berlene J Harless; Helen R. Mitchell and Holly J. Mitchell McNee; Barbara B Zimmer; Robert M and Jackie L Jewett; Thomas and Stephanie Koennel; Don and Tam Maryon;

Marcus Anderson; Barry Williams; Robert and Mary Kay Yuditsky; PJ Davis; Kenneth H. Olsen; In memory of Janice F. Bodlander; Dewitt Andrew Barton JR. and Ardith Marie Barton; Ward W and Martha B Stewart; Valerie B Devaleria and James M Gerecke;

Diane Legerski; Linda Fabian; Judith Farrey; Judie Vincken; Dave Paul; Harvey D and Margaret A Sparlin; Susan Lee; In memory of LJ and Mary Ann Novak; Ronald and Sandra McCoy; Steve and Marilyn Griffitts; Barbara Bradley; Jamie Danish; Paul and Linda Sandvig; Roland Williams; Joy A. Gerlach;

Kari and Buck Melton; Shirley Belstad; Annette H. Durkin; Carl A and Sandra J Stouffer; Rebekah A Swartz; Larry E and Paularianne Kmetz; Gwen C. Letson; Jeff and Sandy Medved; Philip and Joan Noel; Lee and India Sorenson; In memory of Sid, Steve, Scott and Lisa Ketchum;

Dean Griffin; Mic Armon; Robert Gridley; In memory of Chuck Adams Jr.; Whiteman Lumber Co; Joseph V and Traci M Parrish; Ronald Richardson; Beverly M Wilson; John J Broderick; L. Pendleton and Nancy N. Siegel;

Mary Watt; Don Kauleinamoku; Donna Walker; Hank and Betsy Martin; Carol Barton, in memory of Richard Barton; Dick and Janette Compton; Doug and Peggy Albertson; Laureate ETA PL 582; Jim and Nancy Walden; The Deewester's; Tony Delbert; Pauline Wilson; Thomas k Stuber;

Ed and Terri Morse; Josephine Lee and Jerry D. Prophet; Ronald C. and Paula J. Adams; Richard F. and Marla A. Stanich; Sally Hall; Lennis M. McLeod; T.A. Maple and C.L. Maple; Laurie L. Green and Nancy J. Ellefson; H. Rudean Neumann; Dale R. and Joanne T. Baune;

Israel and Donna D. Melendez; Thomas D. and Eileen M. DuHamel; Lawrence and Joanne Castor; Howie and Jennifer Stalwick; Linda Young; Hil James; Don and Kathy Robson, in memory of our daughter, Denise Robson; George and Nancy Silva;

Kerrie Anderson; Bethany and Sol Sandberg; Bon Vivant Enterprises Inc.; Kootenai Charities Inc.; Janet and Tim Kavran; Pam Ness; James and Carol Crowe; Leo and Helen Calhoun; Christine M. Quinn; Jerry and Carolyn Clark; Atchley Financial Group Inc.; Spunstrand Inc.;

John H. and Bonnie Heutink; J. Sharples Jr. and L. Sharples; Terrell Smith; Jim and Nancy Prussack; Denny and Kathy Webster; Tom and Nancy Burke; Norma Wilson; Nancy Saxon; Marilyn Nenzel; Doris Hastings; Joseph Beckett; Lawrence Knudsen; Carolyn Giddens; Johnny and Christine Powell; Jan Marie;

Sheree Cooper; Nancy Parker; Ron and Bev Noble; The Rau Family; Edward A. and Susan S. Leach; Lubertus and Mary Vanderbilt; T.R. and Lavonne B. Lloyd; Tracie Mantia; Barbara S Nelson; Edward and Olive Lockwood; Fred and Carol Root; Jack and Cherie Shinn; George and Mary Emmett; Sue Stiles;

Dave and Barbara Childs; In memory of Glen Flieger; Mike and Janel Bloom; Ken and Sherry Beno; Pauline Glueckert; Beverly Larsen; Grant and Sonja Webb; Theresa Woods; Cathy and Fred Potter; Joette and Kurt Katzer; Kathleen Henderson; Craig and Janet Heilman;

Lanny and Jacque Rickard; David and Rosemary Sissons; Dennis and Mary Casey; James and Jerre Coleman; Catherine and Virgil Porter; Doris Hoffman; Gail Montecalvo; D.M. Clark; Cross Getreu Family; William Faris;

David and Sarah Leeds; Bob and Dorothy Yohe; Chad and Kimberly Kaufman; Paul and Patricia Barrett; AJ and DG Hughan; Judith Stebbins and Julita Carroll; Margie Wise; Dwayne and Anita Moore; Clyde Ylitalo; Jack and Carol Gulbransen; Kathryn and Timothy Grothman; Michael and Beverly Brown;

Diane Boreham and Susan Heath; Edward Harwood; Constance and Del Lutsenhizer; In memory of Chuck Adams Jr.; Larry Bishop; Scott and Holly McNee; Tara and David Flores; Coeur D'Alene Elks Lodge; Julie and Marty Westbrook; Ron and Heidi Gifford; Douglas and Rochelle Patterson; Matt and Erica Henry;

Derek and Kate Khorsand; John and Jan Sturges; James and Julia Mangan; Susan and Michael Delles; J and H Yuditsky; Cancer and Community Charities; R and M Hunt; Charles and Karen Groswith;

In memory of Ruth Thorpe; Sharon Allen; Jessica Mahuron; Paul and Beverly McCabe; Don and Kaye Gonzales; Alastair and Joyce Summers; In memory of Sylvia Spain; Robert and Kathy Verburg; Douglas L Weir; Willem and Evelyn Huender; In memory of Colleen Landon;

John and Carolyn Hilgers; Vivian A Russell; Adrian and Gertrude Bogers; Joachim and Sandra Wirth; Patrick A Tebo and Beverly A Chapman; Patrick and Renee Miller; Betty Ball; Donald E Schierman; Leland and Lyndell Erwin;

Dick and Rhonda Schultz; Stacy Carson; Dale, Sharon and David Andersen; Greg and Kathy Russell; Dale Curley; Robert and Enid Heintz; Russ and Laura Ulrich; James Ummel; Philip and Susan Harding; The Costigan Family; Joe and Diane Dahlheim; Dorothy Morey;

John and Sharon Edgar; David E and Kathleen J Kuntz; Alpha Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa International Honorary Sorority for Women Educators; In memory of victims of Covid-19, Thomas Hearn; Douglas and Dorothy Schedler; Harold and Jan Olstad; Antje Cripe;

William Wood and Kris Olson-Wood; In memory of Betty Montgomery; Ron and Eileen Taylor; Arin Dailey; Larry Echelberger; Keith and Sandie Matheney; Douglas R. Welbourn; The Rollins Family; John and Mary Jo Snedden; Teri Becker Smith;

Mike and Rachel Irish; Dennis Keim; Ronald Clundt; Oram and Sandra Kramer; Susan M.C. Engebretson; Barbara Hudson; Clifford and Sharon Harris; Larry and Laureen Belmont; Claudia and Dennis Stevens; Sandra Kay; Meryl Mackey;

Mark and Vicki Cole; Richard and Marilyn Moore; Rebecca Vestman; Joanne Hellawell; Carla Hauer; Tiofilo and Kimberly Vidales; The Crawfords; Robert and Kristin Mcilvenna; Virginia Johnson; Robert and Pamela Meunier; Wilma and John Ednie; Forrest Weldon; Aloys Glose; Leslie and Nancy Biby;

Larry and Sharon Strobel; Joann and K.V. Nelson; Jim and Donna Runge; Kevin and Diana Mchenry; Gayle and Thomas Anthony; R.F. Link; Jeanne and James Whaley; Donna E. Moring; Ray and Jacqueline Brewer; Connie Cox-Wesson; Troy and Barbara Newsom; Doug and Mary Somers; In memory of Sherry Banducie;

In memory of Ray and Ruth Jones; Merrill and Vonda Kerr; J.G. and A.M. Evans; Dorothy Clock; Marialyce Miller; Del and Lucille Bradshaw; Jack and Gail Thompson; William Todd; Marvin Blakely; Peggy Davis;

James and Peggy Sorenson; Billie Newsom; Sherry and Dennis Irish; Nona Trujillo; Richard and Lyn Gerhard; In memory of Beverly Payne; Vicki and Chris Miller; In loving memory of our Moms and Sandee, Sam and Pam Whitaker; Steve and Kylie Hudson;

Alliant Employee Benefits; Jim and Linda Hudec; Charles Bean; Joanne K. Smith; Shawn Swanby; David and Karen Crouse; Bud Sanders; Tom and Colleen Tracy; Brian and Dana Kroetch; Lyndel Newsom; CDF Landscape Professionals; Brad and Kerry Noback; In memory of Peggy Domit;

David and Elsie Casteel; Leesa Lane; Sarah and Mikel Negugogor; Lonne and Laura Jordahl; Stuart and Beverly Denny; Doug and Vickie Young; Herb and Jan Severtson; AC Zuehlke; In memory of grandson, Kacen Mitchell;

Dean and Laura Eisenbarth; Gary Freeland; Victor and Connie Walters; Twila Fae Little; Thomas Wiechert; In memory of dear friend, John McGruder; Terry and Lois Grutta; James and Alison Kenway; James and Christine Brittain; Carol and Russell Cameron; Steve and Janice Burris;

The McCormacks; Linda Beecher; Betty J Marshall; Bradley and Catrin Stoddard; Linda and Brad Pendleton; Bruce and Marsha Becker; Bob and Darlene Stravens; Paul and Shirley Binfield; Paul and Audrey Hakala; In memory of Dale Lawrence;

Sandy and Jeanne Emerson; Robert and Eileen Ickes; Dave Link; Sue and Spike Dunton; Kathryn Page; Stephen and Delores Smith; Dr. Larry Gibbon and Kris Gibbon; Henry and Ora Meyer; Susan Welch; Elizabeth Cook; Julia Aho; In memory of the Brandwold family;

Bob and Nancy Thiessen; Randy and Jane Thomas, In loving memory of Karman Baker; Jim and Diane Zipperer; Deborah McDermott and Warren Middlemist; Joan Lewis; Alan and Mary Pettit; Ray and Jen Fisk; Silver Angels for Elderly; In memory of Ray G. Capaul;

Graham and Betsy Crutchfield; Frances Love; Mary Button; Vicki and Emon Olson Jr.; Cheryl Marcheso; Lawrence and Cathy Kraus; Nova and Jack Miller; Peter Vandall; Russell and Sabey Grange; Linda Lewis; Ione Perry; Pat Dyke; Gloria Willard; Linda Crossman; Dick Wood; Runge Furniture Company;

Linda and Tim Bedal; Friends of Cottage Grove; Jeff and Kate Harrison; Jon Harwood; Amy Mayer; Mark Sales; Wendy Lloyd-Davies; Donald Sausser; Chuck and Cindy Matthews; Pamela Randolph; Frank Jessick; Jeff and Susan Crowe; Connie Taylor; Steve Rasor; John and Sharon Keating; Tammy Ritzheimer;

Jodi Foutch; Paul Anderson; Judith Riba Nelson; Ken and Vicki Roberge; Lillian Jaynes; Rick and Vicki Currie, in memory of our good friend John McGurder; Kathy and Russell DiBiase; Will and Barb Neal;

Linda Isaacson; Carol Taylor; Monika Krapfl; Bill and Carol Delyea; Carolyn Leege; Norma and Allen Baldridge; Gwen Lawler-Tough, in memory of my beloved brother Kevin Lawler; In memory of Carl; Norman and Alice Schmidt; Kathleen Austin, in memory of my sister Stephanie Scrimshire;

Gary and Arlene Anderson; Bonita and Bart Chamberlin; Yvonne Deitz; Jean and Craig Hiatt; Mr. and Mrs. Alva C. Osborn; Robert and Margaret Mathes; Charles James Thompson; Rita and Bill Leinweber; Peter and Renate Rau; Norman and Tamera Daniels; Lois Featherstone, in memory of David Featherstone;

James and Joan Katayama; David and Valerie Hodge; James and Signe Shank; David and Nancy Wright; Michael White and Deborah Fuller-White; Beverly Schermer; Lloyd and Robyn Gronning; Mark and Camille Rimmer; Arnold and Zita Wright; Pete and Carol Ratcliffe; Shirley Vance;

Sandra and Mark Landberg; Jim Garron; Mary and Lane McCombs; Diane and Greg Snyder; Gary and Pauline Rahm; Donald and Cindy Scharenberg; Sandra Louise Langston; Dianne Dickinson; David and Patricia Hoskins; Donna Ladwig; Thomas and Kristi Sharbono; Janet and John Smith; Louise Rossi; Bonnie June Carpenter; Teresa and James Jamerson; John and Nancy Runge;

Kathleen and William Hare; David and Loretta Ackerman; Elaine and Thomas Cerny; Cecilia Becker; Joan Day; Janet Anderson; Darrell and Rita Miller; Ralph and Janice Baker; Parker and Kay Woodall; Gary Jensen;

Roger and Nancy Clark; Charles and Bonnie Patterson; Duane and Sharon Fitch; Harry and Leslee Edison; Larry Siglin and Meredith Bryant; Pam and Roger Rowland; Paul and Mary Ann Stoll; Don and Diane Barron; John and Betsy McTear, in honor of grocery and retail workers;

R. Brad Jordan and Ronald Bremer; Don and Sally Allen; Gale Akers; David and S. Anne Albrecht; Charlene and Aka Polly Jones; Blue Grass Community Foundation; Kootenai-Shoshone County Farm Bureau;

Mary Lou Reed, Mike and Jill Kincaid; Mike and Sholeh Patrick; John and Michael Krapfl; Kay Moline; Robert Kalisch; Gary and Judy Denny; Janice Abel; Miriam Owens and grandsons Ashton and Greyson Owens; Grayson and Ezekial Harder; Tony Verdoia; Taylor and Brianna Mitchinson;

Tim and Wanda Quinn; Michael Smith; Joe and Kathy Ornelas; Stefan Schwaab; Harley and Sandra Moyer; Dena Yates; Brian and Margaret Reparuk; Mike and April Delong, in memory of Harold Deming; Jim and Marti Stow; Reid Harlocker, in memory of the Smurf; Gerri Paradee;

Chris Kellogg and Louise Burkhartsmeier; Claudia Phenneger; Phil Ward; Alex and Sharon Kinnaird; Walter Campbell; Katie Osborne; George Phillips; Connie Northrup; Donald and Judy Schaffer; Robert and Mary Woods; Daniel and Valerie Soumas; Charlotte Bouley; Robert and Kathryn Ferrell; Scott Peterson;

Joseph and Carla Foti; Douglas and Eileen Cresswell; Jeannette Hill; Nickie Odenthal; Frances Soule; Dan Kealy; Michael and Linda Wells; Brian and Janice Odenthal; Willette Hanson and Pod; Jon Ness; Michael Wilson; Ja-Nee K. Newby; James and Shirley Miller; Charles Zeits;

The Brockhoff Family, in memory of Joyce; Marjorie Bald; Nicolas and Marlene Sigler; Jeffrey Cobb, in memory of Elmer and Jeanne Stout; Scott, Susie and Sarah Kindler; Jim and Joy Drechsel;

David and Brenda Oliveria; Gary and Margaret High, in memory of Howard Harder and all the Covid-19 victims; Milton and Margaret Schauble, in memory of Michael and Catherine Schauble; Craig Brumfield, to those that lost their lives to Covid-19; Holly and Daisy Gleaves;

Aspen Homes; Dolly Dubois and Kurt Neely; Paulette and William Minatre; Ray and Marcine Doyal; Carol Landis; Richard Moore; Cynthia Tallman; Gordon and Tina Sanders; Longwell and Trapp Architects;

Tony Luzzo; Bill and Marianne Capaul - American Geotechnics; Betty Bray-Baker, in memory of Karman Baker; Charles and Janice Somers; Kathryn Boss; Michael and Nancy Presti; Steve and Diane Turner, in memory of our parents Harry Pewy and Art and Betty Turner;

Gary and Janet Sylte; Daniel Phillips; Charles Brooks; Thomas and Susan Thilo; Marilyn Jackson, in memory of Glenn R. Jackson Jr.; Thomas Saathoff; Beverly and Gordon Hammond; Kay Kindig; Larry and Laura Mindt; Trisha Glienna; June Paxton; Kenny and Linda Johnson;

Dave and Julie Beguelin; D.A. Davidson and Staff; Keith and Susan Hill; Jim and Sue Stillinger; Dianne and Patrick Sullivan; Julie King; Robert and Janet Haakenson; Eric and Michelle Haakenson; Blossom Mountaintop Farm; Robert and Barbara Lee; Tom Moorhouse; Jeanette Thomas;

Gordon and Joann Longwell; North Idaho Unitarian Universalists; Kelly James-Beal; Phillip and Mary Hayes; John and Diane Raley; In memory of Rich Houser; Keith and Shelly Woodward; Dave and Janie Sande; Stanley and Mona Wolf; Brent and Ann Unruh; Jan and Dave Moseley, in memory of Mary Sorenson;

Carolyn Hague, in memory of Scott and Denny Hague; Thrivent; CDA Rifle and Pistol Club; James and Patricia Lawrence; Kjell and Helene Lofstrand; Connie Young;

Parker Toyota; Lee Lorenz, in memory of daughter Jennifer; Linda Pedersen, in memory of my husband Arnold; Peggy and William Tarnasky; Jeff Sherwood; Kerry Erickson Jr., in memory of Kerry Erickson Sr.;

Casey Curtis; Dennis Huss; James and Theresa Rosenlund; Aurora Greene; Michael Okuniewicz; Scott and Susan Brigham; Robert Johnson; Rob and Becky Reagan; Corky and Judy Meyer, in memory of Mike Meyer;

Matt and Shatana Becker, in memory of Barry Wood; Shirlie Nilsson; Mervin Nilsson; Roberta Manley, in memory of Oliver Manley; Robert and Jane Shillingstad; Ron and Margaret Mazurek, in memory of Mary Riley;

August and Joni Mack, in memory of Jerry Schomer; Randy Quintero; John and Clara Boller; John Jordan; Bill and Kay Millsap; Jerry Martin; Dick and Lisa Medley; Suzanne Polle; Jub Engineers;

Myla and Leland McFarland; Cort and Valerie Wilcox; Tom and Sandra Ray; Donna Webb; Phyllis and Dale Holte, in memory of Ron and Rod Holte; Dennis and Dawnya Carter; Betty Ann Henderson, in memory of Frank Henderson;

Trish Vanderveer; Roger and Judith Johnson; Gerald and Janice Tice; Deanna Ricks; Westwood Gardens; Glenn and Jodi Lauper; Matthew and Kami McLaughlin; Randy and Kimberly Haddock; Sandy and Fred Ambrose;

Craig and Christine Ely; Rita and Clarke Webb; Lenora and David Fields; Faye Ferguson; Sandy and Dan Bertuccelli; John and Angela Miranda; Julia O'Neill, Wes and Mary Schmidt, in memory of our moms and dads;

Tom and Tracy Skaar; Patricia Krug; Jonathan King; Schedler Mack Insurance; Sheree Deardoff; Gary and Bonnie Reichelt; Norb and Bev Twillmann, in memory of Howard Lytle and David Wardsworth;

Don and Sharmon Schmitt; Richard Patterson; Randy and Mary Ingersoll; Holly and Collin Coles; Kerri and Donovan Nagle; Judy Luzzo; David Brown; Lora Atha and Diane Domijan; Doyle Tony Stewart; Laura Matson; Fred and Kathy Albi;

Sue and Chuck Reince; Laura Augusta, in memory of Beverly Payne; Pam and Wally Adams; Tom and Linda Thompson; Carol Nelson; C and M Norlin; The Employees of the City of CDA; Integrated Personnel;

John and Kathy Barlow; Jack Domit, in memory of Peggy Domit; The Chapman Family; Don Luers; C. Freeman; Mountain View Veterinary Clinic; Colette and Bob Erickson;

Richard and Jill Jurvelin; Bob and Linda Miller; Maidy Kress; Dean and Cheryl Merrill; Steve and Vawn Fishbaugh; Deborah Morphis; Steven and Rae Carnahan; Wesley and Mary Kolb; Christopher and Dorothy Schaffer; Allen and Gisela Peterson; Stephen and Carollane Falcinella; Dale and Jeanette Paddack;

Robert and Kathy Verburg; Joyce Barton; Bill and Judy Drake; Patricia Benson; Bob and Tanya Benson; Francine Archambault, in memory of my cats; Valerie Podesta; Gary and Donna Monroe; David O'Mohundro;

John and Kathy Pierce; Gregory Speer; Wayne and Deborah Burton; Koerner's Furniture; Scott and Marae Carr; Mike and Laureen Maacks; Scott and Debbie Sanner; Kevin and Nancy Boling; The Barstow Foundation.




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