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Sheriff's Blotter

| December 24, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A CSO took a theft report from a residence on N. Torrey Ln. The R/P stated a package containing blank tax documents was taken from her front porch.

• A CSO took a theft report from a residence on N. Torrey Ln. An R/P reported a package containing cough drops and lip balm was taken from his front porch.

• Deputies responded to the area of the Hayden Lake Country Club for a suspicious vehicle. An alert citizen reported a suspicious black pickup removing Washington license plates and taping Idaho plates onto the back of the truck. The citizen was able to provide a good description of the truck. Deputies arrived in the area and an Animal Control Officer located the truck driving north on Strahorn. The vehicle was located on Bruce Rd. Three occupants were detained. During the investigation, stolen mail from two addresses on Fir St. in Hayden Lake was recovered. In addition, the items taken from the above Torrey Lane addresses were located. A snow blower was located in the bed of the truck. It was learned the snow blower had been stolen from Gibson Rd. in Hayden Lake. Several other items of suspected stolen property were in the cab and bed of the truck. The occupants were charged a number of felony charges to include theft and drugs. A press release was completed.

• A Deputy located a carcass of a possible poached deer behind Croffoot Park. The head and hide were missing from the animal but no meat was taken. Fish and Game was notified, report taken.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Additional theft calls came in from the Hayden area, presumably related to Day Shift's arrest of the package thieves. There were also several calls that were likely not related, due to the victims seeing the Facebook posts. Deputies completed reports for each theft and tied them to that report.

• A Deputy responded to an address on Skylark Lane for a report of a physical family dispute. On scene he learned that a male got into a physical altercation with his guardians. The male then left the residence and hadn't been seen for over an hour. The victim refused to press any charges for the battery, however, wanted to report the male as missing. An ATL was aired to the surrounding agencies for a welfare check on the male. The reporting party asked that he not be allowed to return, and the eviction process was explained. 20-53944

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at I90 at mp 8. The driver exhibited signs of intoxication. After a subsequent DUI investigation, the driver was arrested for DUI. .195/.203 20-53952

• A Deputy responded to Stateline Showgirls for a suspicious call. It was reported that two people were in a vehicle in the parking lot "tweaking". On scene he contacted a female behind the wheel of the running vehicle. The female showed signs of intoxication. After the investigation, the driver was arrested for DUI. A subsequent search of her person yielded marijuana and paraphernalia. Once at the jail, the female began to fight with the jail deputies refusing to allow them to search her. She was booked for DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, and Obstructing. 20-53951

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to West Harbor Drive regarding a domestic dispute. Once on scene Deputies contacted a female who stated she had been involved in a verbal argument with her husband. Prior to the Deputies arriving on scene the male left the residence on foot. Deputies were unable to locate the male and a FI was completed. 20-53961

• Several Deputies responded to the area of North Government Way and East Orchard Avenue for a welfare check. The RP stated they could hear someone in the area crying for help. Deputies contacted a female in the area who was barefoot and heavily intoxicated (.222/.217). Due to her level of intoxication she was unable to provide a coherent account of why she was barefoot and screaming at 0200 hours. While Deputies were speaking to the female, a male arrived on scene. He explained the two were drinking in Spokane when the female became intoxicated. The male stated, and had cellphone video were the female had struck him several times during an argument. Ultimately the male did not want to pursue charges for battery and the female was taken back home. 20-53962

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy took a theft of gas report at the Church of Christ. Unknown suspect(s) siphoned gas from one of the church vans. They left a gas can with some of the gas on the ground next to the van. The Deputy took a report and helped put the gas back in the van.

• Deputies and CSOs took several theft reports during the shift. These reports were for thefts of packages from porches or other delivery locations. Torrey Ln, Cambridge Ct., Speakeasy Ln. Hurricane Dr., and Woodlawn Dr. Discarded packaging was located at Croffoot Park that belonged to a theft of cat food from Woodlawn Dr.

• An animal control officer responded to the area of Maplewood and S. Ross Point Rd. for a lost dog. The RP showed an active felony warrant for his arrest. Deputies assisted and attempted to contact McGuire at his residence, but were unsuccessful.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy took a call for service on N Stinson Drive for a report of a malicious injury to property. The R/P reported that her vehicle had a damaged window, which she believed to have been from a firearm. She also reported that a black full-sized 4x4 pickup may have been involved as she saw the vehicle speed away from her residence an hour earlier. 20-54046

• Deputies responded to Beck and Seltice for a stolen vehicle. An SIU Detective was in the area and found the car at the A-1 Smoke Shop. The occupants of the vehicle were detained, and were questioned about the truck. It was learned in his investigation that the driver of the vehicle purchased it from a male in Spokane, Washington. The driver was able to provide a bill of sale with the male’s signature on it. The occupants were released and the owner was advised his vehicle was located. The owner was unable to respond and requested it be towed. Spokane PD was notified of the information and a report was completed to be sent to SPD. 20-54057

• A Deputy responded to a possible DUI at Prairie and McGuire. He located the vehicle at Prairie and Crown Pointe and stopped the vehicle. The driver was not intoxicated, however, showed to be on Felony Probation. His probation officer was contacted and requested a search of the vehicle. In the vehicle the Deputy located homemade pressed Fentanyl pills (Mexies) along with paraphernalia. The male was arrested for possession of Fentanyl and a probation violation. 20-54072

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy conducted a traffic stop for speeding near 2030 East Avon Circle. The driver of the vehicle had an active Kootenai County warrant. He was arrested for his warrant and warned for speeding. 20-54106

• A Deputy responded to the Landings Park regarding an accident that was reported to have occurred on West Prairie Avenue and North Celebration Parkway. Once on scene the Deputy discovered the crash actually occurred on North Atlas Road and West Wilbur Avenue. The Deputy decided, since he had already started the investigation, he would take a courtesy report for CDAPD. 20-54091

• Deputies responded to several false alarms due to the storm that came through.