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Generations of generosity

Staff Writer | December 23, 2020 1:08 AM

It's never too early to learn the joy that accompanies generosity.

Brothers Liam and Orion Chapman of Coeur d'Alene enjoyed a big lesson in philanthropy Tuesday when they happily delivered two checks to Press Christmas for All for a total of $1,600.

"Somebody needs money, and we got to give them money," said Liam, 5. "I feel happy."

"It's cool," added Orion, 10.

Their grandmother, Gerda Chapman, brought the boys to The Press to have this priceless experience in giving during a season that is steeped in kindness and compassion.

"It started with Orion, when he was about Liam's age," she said. "I wanted him to feel how good it is to give to other people."

Throughout the years, even without much extra money, Gerda has taken Orion on adventures in altruism, collecting little toys for children and buying food for people in need.

"Over the years, I've been able to save this," she said, smiling. "I want to teach them. I'm an old teacher."

Gerda taught off and on through the years since 1972 in the U.S. and overseas in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. Her son, who is the boys' dad, received his first lesson in benevolence when he was a boy and the family lived abroad.

"It gave him the impetus to become a doctor," Gerda said. "I taught school and I would help in an orphanage, so I would take him with me. He would see the children and try to help feed them and clothe them. A lot of them wouldn't make it, so I think it put something in his mind."

Press Publisher Clint Schroeder applauded the Chapmans.

"We are inspired and grateful that The Press Christmas for All program was chosen as the beneficiary of this truly heartfelt gift," he said. "We wish to thank the Chapman family, and the many other caring donors that have made this year’s CFA a true success."

Orion said giving a gift like this "makes you feel good and people get helped, which is also pretty good."

"Merry Christmas," Liam said.



Liam Chapman, 5, and brother Orion Chapman, 10, visited The Press on Tuesday with their grandma to deliver $1,600 for Press Christmas for All. "Merry Christmas," Liam said.


Raised so far: $236,740 To date last year: $124,295 Needed to set record: $1,366