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Cash in on kindness

Staff Writer | December 22, 2020 1:00 AM

Santa Claus is getting a little help this year from a young man with a penchant for perfection.

Cash Preston, 11, of Post Falls, is a sixth-grader at Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy. Last year, as a Greensferry Elementary fifth-grader, he never missed a day of school, even after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes the previous summer.

"I thought it was pretty amazing that he didn't miss a day of school and he manages that as well," said Cash's grandma, Marcy Clutter.

"I've always been taught that way, since I was little," Cash said. "It's so I don't miss out on an education."

Students with ace attendance also earn prizes. Cash was awarded a sweet Huffy mountain bike and helmet for his stick-to-itiveness.

However, he's not keeping them.

The generous young gentleman will donate the new bike and helmet to a local family in need. The family has one parent and lots of kids, so Cash knows a few more presents under the tree will go a long way for them on Christmas morning.

"I got a really nice bike from my uncle, and my mom suggested we donate somewhere, so that's what I chose to do," Cash said.

Cash learned of the family through his grandma and her friend, Debbie Dloughy. The ladies work at Northwest Specialty Hospital, and the kind-hearted co-workers have been coordinating with their colleagues to "adopt" those who need some extra love this holiday season.

Northwest Specialty helped with this family and helped provide gifts and assistance for another local family struggling to make ends meet.

"Marcy asked me if their family needed a bike," Dloughy said. "We were able to make a nice Christmas for this large family."

Even though Cash knew perfect attendance meant winning a bike, he wasn't necessarily after the prize. He actually loves school, especially math.

To know his hard work will help another child have a merry Christmas is a prize in itself.

"It makes me feel pretty good," he said.