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WASDEN: A round of applause

| December 20, 2020 1:00 AM

In their studies of the US Constitution, Idaho students should learn the name Wasden: Republican Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden.

Buried in Section C of last Friday’s CDA Press, Idaho’s AG showed superior knowledge of the US Constitution and an admirable determination to honor the law and his oath of office.

Going against the flow of seditious (bullied, perhaps?) leaders in this state and across the nation takes guts. It is my opinion that Idaho needs more leaders like AG Wasden. Refusing to join Texas in a baseless lawsuit determined to overturn legal, national election results in four other states was a good decision, as evidenced by the US Supreme Court 9-0 decision to throw out the case on its merits.

Citizens deserve an explanation from Representatives Fulcher and Simpson, Governor Little, and other state representatives. Let’s hear their flawed interpretation of the 14th Amendment, Section 3, of the U.S. Constitution. By attempting to overthrow legal elections in other states, aren’t they demonstrating a resistance to established federal and state government authority?

Use our checks and balances to make a determination in the courts, with action by the House of Representatives, on what is — and what is not —legal, ethical, and consistent with a federalist representative republic with independent, sovereign states. Can states sue each other to overturn elections as Governor Little supports? Would Idaho stand for such intrusion? AG Wasden valiantly chose not to follow the seditious, partisan flow. Let’s thank him.


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