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Sheriff's Blotter

| December 19, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy took a non-injury crash on N. Courcelles Pkwy when a vehicle slid off the roadway and into the yard of the residence, striking a tree.

• A Deputy handled a slide off at MP 420 on Hwy 95.

• A Deputy took a hit and run crash report at W. Highland Dr. A vehicle was located slid off the road and into a tree. There was no one in the vehicle and no one around. There was no evidence of injury but the registered owner could not be located. Crash report completed and vehicle towed.

• A Deputy took a report from an R/P who received a phone call telling him he needed to come to the Sheriff's Office and pay "Sgt. Clark" $5000 bond to avoid having a warrant issued. "Sgt. Clark" advised the male he had to stay on the phone with him as he drove to the Sheriff's Office. The R/P and his mother drove to the Sheriff's Office but were suspicious so called LE before they arrived. The Deputy confirmed this was a scam of some sort and there was no warrant for the male. It should be noted that there is No Sgt. Clark that works at the Sheriff’s Office. It should also be noted that the Sheriff’s Office will never call someone and tell them to pay money or a warrant will be issued.

• A Deputy arrested a male for his warrant at DMV.

Evening and Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to S Millsap Loop for a cold assault. On arrival it was reported by the R/P that another party had driven to the property on 12/13/20 where the two were involved in an argument. During the argument the other parties’ adult daughter had gotten out of the vehicle and struck the R/P. After that they then drove her vehicle towards the R/P nearly striking her, before leaving the property. This stemmed from the other parties’ ex-husband living in a trailer on the property, and her still being upset at him over their divorce. The R/P refused to press charges, did not want anyone contacted, and only wanted the issue documented in case it escalates in the future. 20-53267

• A Deputy responded to the Casino for a domestic dispute. Prior to his arrival, TPD arrived and conducted a full investigation to include a search of their hotel room where paraphernalia was located, despite the suspect being non-tribal. The victim was a CDA Tribal member. Tribal was requested to complete a courtesy report and forwarded to KCSO for review/charges. 20-53293

• At the conclusion of the above event, it was learned that both the suspect and victim had warrants. The Deputy arrested a male for his felony warrant. TPD arrested the female for her warrant. 20-53295

• Deputies from both swing shift and graveyard shift responded to E Canyon Road for what was originally reported as a family dispute. As more information was obtained it was learned that an R/P had called to report her boyfriend, was armed with a shotgun wanting to kill himself. Once on scene, deputies located the male and his mother in a detached garage. The male was armed with a shotgun, however, his mother stayed between he and law enforcement despite direction to move. Once deputies were able to flank the male with a 40 mm less lethal launcher he dropped the gun and surrendered. During an interview with the male, he admitted that he wanted to die and planned on pointing the shotgun at law enforcement so they would shoot him. The male was transported to Kootenai Health where he was placed on a PC Hold. 20-53291

• A Deputy responded to Super One in Hayden for a report of a detained shop lifter. On scene he spoke with a 17 year old male in the loss prevention office. Loss Prevention witnessed the juvenile take alcohol off the shelf and leave the store without any attempt to pay for it. After speaking with the juvenile, the Deputy learned that he arrived at the store with the intent of taking the alcohol. Super One declined to press charges. The juvenile’s father responded and took custody of him. A CV report was completed. 20-53289

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A CSO took a theft of mail report on W. Riverview. The R/P reported a theft of outgoing mail. The offender used the checks in his outgoing mail to take money from his bank account.

• Deputies conducted directed patrols in several neighborhoods looking for "Porch Pirates." Nothing was located. A Deputy did handle a call of a suspected "Porch Pirate" in the area of Salmonberry Loop, nothing located.

• Deputies responded to a domestic dispute at E. Shiloh Loop. The R/P reported he and his wife were involved in a verbal domestic. The wife had left the residence prior to our arrival but was located in Finucane Park. After interviewing all the parties involved there was no crime that occurred. It appears that the wife was having some type of mental issue and she confirmed she had been off her meds. She stated she was looking for her kids but was making odd statements about them being on earth but did not know where. The Region One Mental Health Response Team was contacted and requested that we transport the female to the Crisis Center. A report of the incident was completed

• Deputies responded to W. Woodard Way in Post Falls for a possible transient camp. After checking the area, nothing of note was located.

• Deputies responded to the area of E. Hayden Lake Rd. for a trespassing call. It was reported a male had rang a door bell and then climbed a pillar on the property. The male was well dressed and in his 40's. The perimeter was checked and nothing suspicious was found. The neighbors were also contacted and did not note anything suspicious. They advised they would keep an eye on the area. PR advised she would call back if anything else was observed on her doorbell camera.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to several property damage crashes to include a vehicle vs an elk at Burlington and Chase. There were no injuries and multiple crash reports were completed.

• Deputies responded twice to the El Patio complex for Alarm related calls. Each time the alarm was false, it was later learned the owners had the alarm company working on their programming earlier today. Clear 8. 20-53428

• A Patrol Sergeant stopped a vehicle at Miles and Melrose. The driver exhibited signs of intoxication. A Deputy responded and completed a DUI investigation. The driver was arrested for DUI. .159/.156 20-53440

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Seltice Way and Silkwood Dr. He contacted the driver who exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. The driver failed SFST's and refused to submit to a breath test. He was arrested for DUI. 20-53447

• Deputies responded to N. Reed Rd. for a suspicious circumstance. An R/P called in and advised he could see men outside his window carrying rifles. Deputies searched the area and did not locate anyone out and about carrying firearms. Contact was made with the male who appeared to be having a mental health issue. 20-53458

• A male was contacted several times towards the end of the shift after being called in for acting odd in the area of Crossroads Conoco and Athol Elementary. Ultimately, no crime was committed and he was given a ride home.