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Health insurance deadline extended

| December 19, 2020 1:00 AM

The Your Health Idaho Board of Directors voted Friday to extend the open enrollment deadline. Idahoans now have until Dec. 31 to sign up for health insurance coverage that begins Jan. 1.

Your Health Idaho saw the largest single-day enrollment since 2018 on Tuesday, the original deadline date. This increased activity coupled with ongoing impacts from the coronavirus pandemic spurred Your Health Idaho to extend the deadline.

The deadline for Idahoans to apply for the monthly health insurance tax credit has also been extended to Dec. 31.

“We believe strongly that extending the deadline and giving Idahoans every opportunity to enroll is absolutely the right thing to do in 2020," said our Health Idaho Executive Director, Pat Kelly.

For help enrolling visit Contact Your Health Idaho at 1-855-944-3246.