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Now's perfect time to shop local

| December 19, 2020 1:00 AM

I have sent this in the past, however, more than ever all small businesses could benefit from our community.

Since online orders are past shipping for Christmas arrivals, please consider your small businesses in this fabulous community that are striving to survive in the end of 2020.

All around our area you will find towns that are home to independent businesses or restaurants. We are the places you go when you want to feel at home. We are also the places that shape your definition of your community. Where you will find the owner most days, where people know your name and are genuinely glad to see you. We are the places that make your town special to you and to the outside world. As consumers, you have the power to shape your city.

Every time you open your wallets to a business you are saying, “I like what you do! Keep doing it.” When you shop local, you are saying YES to local economy that translates into a unique and interesting city. You are making sure that you have diversity and choices of products and services. The more businesses, the more choices.

You are helping us support local causes such as schools, churches and charities. Like us, you are seeing that there is more than monetary value to your purchases; there is community value.

Ask someone to name their favorite shop or cafe and chances are it's an independent business. Yet we often forget these local places rely on your patronage to survive.

Our town is not just a target market to us — it is our home, and we have a personal vested interest in the long-term health of our community.

Where would your town be if these places were not here? Of course life would go on. You would find other places to get the things you used to enjoy right in your own backyard. You would sit around and remember the little shop or cafe you used to enjoy so much and say what a shame it is that they closed.

Our area downtowns have made huge strides over the years to become a special place to those who live and visit here. In our current economic condition we are at risk of losing them. We need you to be here for us this holiday season so that we can be here for you in the future.

If you didn't already know it, your local independent businesses think you are special and realize the value you bring to us. We want to be there for you and our community.

This holiday season, look at your Christmas lists and make a decision to purchase at least part of that list at an independent, locally owned business. If you are shopping for a special gift, hostess gift or office/staff gifts, talk to a locally owned merchant. Ask us to help you pick the gifts that will make you feel special just giving them.

Let the people on your list know that you went to your favorite shop with just them in mind. And don't forget to get a little something for yourself!


Ilene Moss is owner of All Things Irish in downtown Coeur d'Alene.