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WASDEN: Upheld the law

| December 18, 2020 1:00 AM

We need to admire Attorney General Lawrence Wasden for his support of states’ rights amidst the attempt by Texas to invalidate the elections of several other sister states in a federal lawsuit. As the attorney general stated, reported in this paper on Dec. 10, sometimes what is politically expedient is not always legally and constitutionally valid.

In addition, this shortsighted lawsuit seeks to undermine state sovereignty by seeking to meddle in the internal processes of other states. This runs counter to principles Idaho has always held dear.

It is disappointing that so many Idaho officials and lawmakers, including Governor Little, support this attempt by Texas. The legal and political assertions by the governor are dangerous to democracy and federalism, and the attorney general needs to be commended for remaining above the fray of political showmanship disguised as legal arguments.

In addition, he shows leadership in the legal community by respecting the judicial process and avoiding support of frivolous lawsuits which overtax an already overburdened federal judiciary.