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ELECTION: Votes will be counted

| December 16, 2020 1:00 AM

The fraudulent, corrupt, and unconstitutional vote in the state of Pennsylvania alone has perhaps stolen the electoral votes of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. Texas, along with 17 other states recognize that their voters have been cheated and have taken legal action to protect the voting rights of their residents.

It appears that our governor and attorney general (whom I just voted to elect) are unwilling to defend the legitimate votes of our state and ensure they are not nullified by the corruption of another state. Should these individuals not take immediate action to protect the rights of Idaho voters, they should be held in contempt by the honest citizens of Idaho. Our votes will be counted, and they will be held accountable.


Dalton Gardens

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted Dec. 9. On Dec. 10, Gov. Little supported the Texas lawsuit. AG Lawrence Wasden did not. On Dec. 11, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out the lawsuit.