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Sheriff's Blotter

| December 15, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to E. Violet Lane for a runaway 12 year old. The juvenile left sometime during the night and left a note saying she was not going to return. The Deputies and parents checked several locations she may have went too but were not able to locate her. She was entered into NCIC as a runaway juvenile. Later that morning, a neighbor called and advised that juvenile was at her residence. Deputies responded to the residence and interviewed the juvenile and returned her to her mother. 20-52652

• Several Deputies responded to N. Baack Road for an activated hold up alarm. Deputies arrived on scene and learned the alarm was an accidental activation.

• During the Drug Search Warrant at N. Hauser Lake Road on 12/08/20, SIU Detectives discovered that a Registered Sex Offender who was supposed to be living there, had moved. Detectives followed up today and after multiple interviews, arrested the male for two SOR Violations. 20-52674

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• SIU Detectives stopped a male and arrested him on his warrant. 20-52726

• Several units responded to the intersection of Prairie X Ramsey for an Unknown Injury Crash. On scene it was determined 4 vehicles were involved, and one patient was transported to KH via ambulance. 20-52710

• Deputies responded to the area of Prairie X Chase to assist Avista on a traffic control detail due to someone hitting one of their gas lines. Units cleared after Avista's traffic control contractor arrived on scene and took over. 20-52732

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Highway 41 x Prairie Ave. The driver exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. The driver failed SFST's and was arrested for DUI. He provided .000 for breath samples and a DRE evaluation was conducted. It was the DRE's opinion driver was under the influence of stimulants. While on scene, A Deputy used his K9 partner who alerted to the vehicle and a small amount of methamphetamine, marijuana and paraphernalia were located inside. The driver was also charged with those associated crimes. 20-52767

• A Deputy handled a cold malicious injury to property report from S. Fern Creek Rd. where the R/P called in to advise her father cut the power cord to her camp trailer she is staying in on the property. Her father could not be contacted and follow up will be conducted tomorrow for charges. 20-52771

• Deputies responded to N. 2nd St. in Athol for a physical domestic. The R/P called in to advise his girlfriend had battered him. The investigation revealed the girlfriend took the R/P’s phone and threw his keys in the trash. She then punched him in the arm, leaving a bruise. She was charged for domestic battery. 20-52774

• Deputies responded to N. Valley Way for a family dispute. The R/P called to advise her adult daughter was possibly under the influence, naked and suicidal. As units arrived the daughter was leaving the residence, clothed. She was detained. The investigation revealed daughter had got into an argument with her mother and was not acting right. She had pushed her mother into a mirror, however, mom did not want to pursue charges. A Xanax pill and paraphernalia were located in the daughter’s possession. She was arrested for possession of a prescription drug without a prescription and possession of paraphernalia. Her probation officer was notified. 20-52775

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. Highway 41 after the R/P reported that yesterday she had been walking through the trailer park when she was approached by a male who asked her if she could smell his meth cooking and then pushed her down. The R/P said she waited a day to report the incident so the bruising would be visible. She did not remember what trailer the male came from but said he has a motorcycle (20-52782).

• A Deputy followed up on his vehicle theft call from yesterday and interviewed a suspect who admitted to taking the vehicle on the night of 12/09/20 without permission. The Deputy charged the juvenile with taking a vehicle without permission. (20-52691).

• Deputies responded to N. 2nd Street after the female came back to the residence after leaving after last night's domestic. She was still angry and refused to stay calm; however, she did agree to leave again and not come back until she could remain calm. No crimes were committed this time and the Deputy completed a FI (20-52795).

• A CSO handled an auto burglary at Peak Fitness after the R/P returned to his vehicle and discovered someone had broken into it and took his wallet and phone. The R/P called later to advise his card has been used at two Walgreens and three Walmarts since the theft (20-52813).

• A Deputy handled a battery at Super 1 Foods in Hayden where a customer put his hands around a bakery worker's neck; however, she chose not to press charges (20-52819).

• A Deputy handled a suspicious vehicle at S. Highway 95. An R/P said that her credit card had been stolen from her mailbox and now random boxes have been arriving at her residence. She said a black four-door sedan with tinted windows has been in the area and she was concerned it may be trying to go to her house to retrieve the boxes. (20-52818).

• Deputies responded to the Casino after Security located some drugs in a room. Deputies arrested two males for drug possession. (20-52824).

• Deputies long with a CSO responded to a property damage accident near Riverview Drive and Marion Court (20-52833).

• A Deputy responded to Lena Louie Lane to assist Tribal PD with a missing eleven year old. She was located by CDATPD as Deputy Prosch arrived (20-52837).

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to W. Prairie Ave. reference a reported Domestic Dispute. On scene Deputies investigated and the call was cleared with a F.I. 20-52855

• A Deputy responded to a Property Damage Crash near Boekel and Huetter. On scene there was a vehicle in the ditch with rear end damage, and no one was around. 20-52864

• Deputies responded to W. Summer for a Family Dispute. The R/P advised her 29yoa son functions as a 5 year old and began getting out of control with her. On scene Deputies determined no crime had been committed and cleared the scene after getting everyone to calm down. 20-52865

• A Deputy responded to the area of Loff's Bay Rd. and Rockford Bay Rd. for what was initially reported as an Unknown Injury Crash. An update was that both vehicles were damaged, however it was apparently non-injury. 20-52877

• Deputies responded to N. Cecil Rd. in reference to an Agency Assist for Felony P&P. On scene P&P had located drugs. Deputies arrived charged a male for possession of heroin and paraphernalia. 20-52881

• Deputies responded to a reported Domestic Dispute at N. Rude St. On scene a male and female had both been drinking most of the night, and things got out of control when they started to argue about their cell phones. Deputies investigated, and will send in a complaint charging the female with domestic battery. 20-52894

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N Kelso Dr. for a cold domestic. An R/P called in to advise her boyfriend came home drunk and threatened to shoot her between the eyes as well as snap her neck. The male had left the residence prior to law enforcement being contacted. The R/P also informed Deputies the male pushed her off the porch several days ago and threw her phone causing it to break. The male was able to be contacted by phone and denied the allegations. He did admit to grabbing her by the arm and showed her to the door, but did not throw her out. The male was charged with domestic assault, domestic battery and intentional destruction of a telecommunication device. 20-52887/20-52902

• Deputies started to respond to W. Rice Rd. for a reported structure fire with someone trapped inside. While in-route, it was relayed no one was actually trapped, but the residents were refusing to exit so they could try to put the fire out. Fire arrived prior to law enforcement and everyone was out of the building and OK. Fire handled. 20-52896

• A Deputy while on DUI emphasis stopped a vehicle pulling into the Kon Tiki parking lot. The driver exhibited the symptoms of intoxication and failed SFST’s. He provided breath samples of .255/.232/.217. The male’s driver's license was also suspended. He was charged for excessive DUI and driving without privileges. A Deputy utilized his K9 partner who alerted on the vehicle. A search was conducted and a small amount of cocaine was located in the glove box. Later a small amount of cocaine and paraphernalia was located on the male’s person. He was also charged for possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia. 20-52900

• Deputies responded to Showgirls for a suspicious male who had been in inside a vehicle in the parking lot for several hours. While Deputies were in-route, it was relayed the male was now trying to get into another vehicle. The male was contacted and he was intoxicated. He didn't realize what he was doing due to his intoxicated state. He was not attempting to break into any vehicles. He was given a ride to a motel in Post Falls. 20-52904

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Greensferry Road & Hayden Avenue for a two vehicle roll-over accident (20-52905).

• A CSO handled a burglary at Idaho Road after the R/P discovered her mother's residence had been broken into and someone took various items from the residence (20-52942).

• A CSO handled several auto burglaries at St. Dominic’s on W. Riverview Drive at around 0830. Upon reviewing video footage, a white male approached several vehicles in the parking lot during the Saturday morning service and looked in the windows of those vehicles. When the male saw something he liked he used a window punch to enter the cars and retrieve items. It was not until he entered a pickup with an alarm that he left. The male was driving a silver/black Honda Pilot or CRV with what appeared to be Washington plates. A short time later one of the victims called in stating her credit card had been used in Spokane Valley to purchase gas.

• A Deputy handled a property damage accident on Harmon Ave. near Conkling Park Dr, where a mail carrier slid into a travel trailer parked along the road (20-52918).

• Deputies responded to an accident on Cliff House Road near Julia Drive where a Ford Focus was "wrapped around a tree." When deputies arrived they found the vehicle unoccupied. While waiting for Schaffers Towing to arrive, an unconscious call came out at D-Mac's at the Lake so Deputies respond to see if the unconscious person was there driver. A Deputy located a male who was the driver, and who quickly became uncooperative. Deputies were finally able to take the male into custody after two Taser drive stuns. The male continued to uncooperative on the way to PSB, causing the Deputy to stop twice. Once at the PSB the driver continued with his uncooperative attitude and was placed in a Safety Cell.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies handled a reported Battery by landline involving two females. The R/P advised she and the other female started arguing, and then she battered causing a black eye. The suspect female left the residence with her son, and attempts to make contact with her were unsuccessful. The case is being left active for now, so Deputies can attempt further contact with the suspect. The issue is ongoing between these two. 20-52965

• A Deputy responded to two Agency Assists in Spirit Lake this evening, both in reference to the Linger Longer Lounge. The first involved a 911 hang-up call from the location, and the situation had resolved itself prior to the Deputy’s arrival. A little later Central Dispatch aired there was a Fight at the Linger Longer Lounge involving 10-11 people. The Deputy arrived on scene, and advised no crime, just some people that were playing pool got a little passionate and started yelling at each other. 20-52989/ 20-52995

• A Deputy responded to Super 1 Foods - Athol for a cooperative detained Shoplifter. On scene he contacted a male who was cited and released for Petit Theft for taking hot food from the deli. 20-52961

• A Deputy charged a male for DUI near the intersection of Prairie X Hwy 53 after a traffic stop for a moving violation and failure of Field Sobriety Tests. 20-53001

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of Ramsey Rd. and Honeysuckle Ave. for a male laying on the side of the road. Contact was made with a male who was highly intoxicated. He advised he was walking from CDA trying to get home to Post Falls. A cab was called who transported him to his residence. 20-53003

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Seltice Way and Baugh Way. He contacted the driver who exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. The driver failed SFST's and provided breath samples of .149/.143. She was arrested for DUI. 20-53006

• Deputies responded to N Merriweather Rd. for a trespassing. An R/P called to advise her ex-boyfriend was at her residence and he was not welcome there. Deputies made contact with the parties and determined no crime had been committed. He was given a courtesy transport to Hayden and trespassed from the property per the R/P’s request. 20-53010