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VIRUS: Goal is containment

| December 13, 2020 1:00 AM

Ralph from Coeur d’Alene writes that he will NOT wear a mask and implies that the science is being manipulated to support the position of people who wish to take away our freedoms — or something to that affect. As someone who has scientists as family members, I can assure you that the science is real.

This virus is like a raging wildfire. Yet we have a country where some people are trying to contain the fire by building fire breaks, while other citizens are throwing more timber into the flames.

Fire needs fuel. The virus needs unmasked, densely spaced bodies. COVID numbers in Kootenai County continue to rise as we can no longer travel, see our favorite football teams, spend worry-free time with our elders, send our children to school, go party in bars or safely hug our grandchildren.

Maybe, for a short prescribed time, we could ALL wear the masks and see if we get a different result — perhaps even get some containment of this fire/virus. That is all the government and scientists will ask you for — a chance to contain it.

And to Ralph, new scientific research is showing Erectile Dysfunction as a long-term side affect for men. If I were a man, I don’t think I would take that risk — but then, it is just science.


Coeur d’Alene