Thursday, April 25, 2024

OFFICIALS: Stand up to Trump

| December 13, 2020 1:00 AM

To Sen. Risch, Sen. Crapo and Rep. Fulcher:

Your oath of office seems to be a forgotten commitment in light of your lack of response to the long series of violations of law, morals and ethics by the president. Your lack of public response seems to indicate that you are in lockstep with his views and outlandish behavior. Living in the rural backwaters I may have missed your indignation.

I am constantly amazed at his obsession with disassembling anything Obama did. His choice of acting department heads and staff look more like swamp creatures than capable administrators. His lies, absurd tweets and self-contradictions must make you cringe.

Regardless of his policies, he has shown himself to be a horrible human being and a poor example for our public face, especially to youth. Choosing to condone the direction he is taking the country can only detract from your legacy. He is a danger to democracy! I’m hoping that you will reach down deep and find the courage to speak up. He is impossible to honorably defend.

What is it about being a member of Congress that is worth selling your soul to the GOP? Show some western gumption. There are other jobs. Give a damn!