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Governor on wrong track with virus response

| December 12, 2020 1:00 AM


1,100 people have died in Idaho since March according to him. That is .06% of the entire population of Idaho. I don't wish people dead, but death happens.

Gov. Little was proud of the fact that he has spent over $100 million dollars. The Idaho Constitution states that the Legislature gets to decide how money is spent, not the Governor.

"We should all care...regardless of our view of COVID-19."

I do care. You can about compliance. I care about elected officials keep the Constitution in mind, despite COVID-19.

Gov. Little said that the hospitals don't have a financial incentive to fudge their numbers. Are you joking? More COVID cases = more Cares Act money.

He said, "Do a better job of loving our neighbors," and "People won't do what their neighbors tell them to do." I do my best to not tell other adults what to do. I assume if someone has a mask on they have a good reason to wear one. I assume if someone doesn't have a mask on they a have a good reason to not wear a mask.

A nurse from St. Luke's Hospital that spoke during the press conference said, "Your reality is not always the truth." Dr. Scoggins from Kootenai Health said, "We don't get to ignore it (Covid) in the hospital." They seem to think that people who protest or don't wear a mask are not in reality. Um, no. I am looking at the stats regularly. I am not ignoring Covid, I am making an informed decision based on facts.

Gov. Brad Little said, "What I want is compliance. My goal is to get compliance. We have counties with mask orders that are not getting compliance."

Idaho State Code doesn't give health districts enforcement powers. That is up to the sheriff. Thank God we have some sheriffs that take their oath to the Constitution seriously.

Personally, I am amazed that you say it is abhorrent for people to show up and protest at a health district, when they have no other way to be heard. No forums, no citizens speaking at these meetings. Repeated violations of the Idaho Open Meeting Laws. Gov. Little, was it abhorrent for BLM and ANTIFA to protest in Boise and deface the capitol building?

"A certain segment of society shouldn't be doing what they are doing." The mandates are not laws, codes, or ordinances. At least not where I live. So they are a suggestion. I will make my own decision about my health, not a blanket statement by a health board.

At the end of the press conference it was stated that government benefits are drying up. I can't remember if a reporter said that or if Little said that. We don't need more money from the federal government. EVERYONE IS ESSENTIAL. ALL BUSINESS IS ESSENTIAL!

Summer Bushnell is a Kootenai County resident.


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Governor Brad Little chose to seek the highest office of Idaho. Therefore, it should be him to carry the heaviest burden of responsibility to help mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic, not those in local leadership. A true leader would not pass the burden of making tough decisions on to those who serve lower offices.

It is heart-wrenching to see misguided mobs threaten and harass local public officials at their homes because communities were forced to pursue a dysfunctional patchwork of ordinances. It is a senseless waste of time and energy that needs to stop.

Preaching "personal responsibility" and attempting to appeal to people’s common sense and decency who oppose public safety measures is not working. We need clear, consistent guidelines and enforcement from the very top.

Some truly sinister forces infected people's brains with disinformation from the very beginning of this and there is no coming to a shared version of reality here. But you also cannot mandate people to care about others. Or to do the right thing.

Hang in there everyone. 2020 has glaringly exposed weaknesses in our leadership and institutions. There is much work to be done over the next decade.

2020 has also shown us the goodness in people. There have been so many who stepped up, sacrificed, and worked overtime to serve, lead, and innovate throughout this crisis. Let us remember those who rose to the occasion for what is right and not lose our faith in humanity.

Jessica Mahuron is a Coeur d’Alene resident.