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STORE: Think of docs, nurses

| December 11, 2020 1:00 AM

I walked out of Super 1 Foods today. I have been a faithful customer for 30 years. First at Ron’s in Hayden and now the store on U.S. 95.

I would estimate 50% of the shoppers were not wearing face coverings. My daughter had the exact experience at North 40 … I don’t know what in God’s name it is going to take for people to take this virus seriously.

Our hospital is at its limit and our doctors and nurses live with exposure on a daily basis. They go home at night scared to death they are going to get someone in their home sick. They take COVID test after COVID test while still living up to their moral obligation of caring for the sick.

I am a nurse married to a physician in this town and I’m sickened by the response of this community. Who will you go to first when your fever rises, when you are short of breath, when you can’t stop coughing? You will go to those very people who have begged you to do the right thing and wear a mask…

It is so easy to be “thinking of the other guy” instead of yourself. It will make a difference. It’s only a matter of months when we will have the protection of a vaccine.

I’m sick and tired of this behavior and I’m not going to stop talking about it…


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