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GOP: Face the facts, folks

| December 11, 2020 1:00 AM

I’m a Libertarian who didn’t vote for Trump or Biden, and I’m furious. The lies being spewed by Trump and the Republicans are sickening. This is nothing less than an attempt to steal the election from Biden and give it to Trump. It’s a grossly incompetent coup, but a coup nonetheless.

These are not the actions of people who love America. These are the actions of authoritarians who hate the Constitution and everything this country stands for. It’s repugnant. I will never forgive the Republicans for their insane and seditious actions. The American people will never accept a Trump installation if this coup, against all odds and sanity, somehow succeeds.

Trump and the Republicans have currently won a single court case and lost 45 others. There is no evidence of fraud that would change the results of the election. Every instance of alleged fraud has been swiftly and decisively debunked. If they had real evidence, they would take it to court instead of the “Four Seasons Total Landscaping.” But there simply isn’t any, and the testimonies of so-called “witnesses” are repeatedly found not credible by courts. These delusional and/or corrupt fools have simply imagined fraud when in reality they just don’t understand what they saw or how elections work.

Newsflash Trump Cultists: Joe Biden won. Fairly and decisively. I’m sure your little QAnon-sense MAGA safe-space fantasy land is nice for you, but it’s well past time to come back to reality. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Trump lost. Bigly.


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